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Crypto Bingo Game Software Development

Do you want to excel in your online casino business by offering something exclusive to your players? Then, our crypto based Bingo game software is a one-stop solution for you.

    Transparent and Secure Crypto Based Bingo Game Software Development

    GammaStack is known for offering top of the line Crypto based Bingo game software that is integrated with multiple crucial features that can contribute in offering an enticing gaming experience to your users. Our crypto based Bingo game software covers all the major cryptocurrencies thereby easing up the payment process for your players. Your players can opt for the cryptocurrency of their choice and carry out the transactions in a hassle-free manner.

    Benefits of our Crypto Based Bingo Game Software

    Play from Anywhere in the World Anonymously

    Crypto casinos are always virtual thus the players on your crypto based Bingo game software can keep their identities hidden and have an enjoyable gameplay. Due to the decentralization nature of cryptocurrency, your player’s information can stay hidden without the risk of getting revealed to anyone. Also cryptocurrencies use blockchain thus only crypto wallet addresses are required for cashing the winnings

    Secure Bingo Gaming Experience

    Our Crypto based Bingo game software is highly secure in nature and there is no hacking or biased winnings. Using cryptocurrency as a payment method enables your users to keep their crucial details like email address, bank account details, etc secure. Following aspects are supported in our Crypto based Bingo game software to ensure security:-
    -RNG for ensuring impartial gameplay.
    -Online Code holders can only transact through crypto
    -Blockchain technology ensures security of your funds.

    Quick Transactions

    Transactions carried out through cryptos are quite fast as well as secure because these transactions do not involve any financial institution or bank thus your funds quickly get available on your wallets. As crypto transactions are taken care of by blockchain technology, thus no overcharging fees are involved.

    No Player Frauds

    Due to the predefined principles of cryptocurrency, our Crypto based Bingo game software stays protected from the player frauds. Thus the operators can stay away from wasting their time as well as money on the user disputes and the claims of repayments by the users.

    Zero Revenue Share Policy

    Our zero revenue share policy enables our valuable clients to stay away from the undemanded share of revenue. We follow a transparent pricing model thus our clients can easily make most bangs out of every buck that they have spent.

    Quick Market Launching

    With the assistance of our professional and proficient team of developers, designers and testers, we are capable of offering you the feature-rich crypto based Bingo game software within predefined and quick span of time thereby enabling you to launch it quickly into the market and stay ahead of your competitors in the industry.

    SEO Friendly Platform

    Our crypto based Bingo game software comes optimized with all the necessary SEO aspects including title, meta description, alt tag, etc so that your platform can get better relevance on search engines and can get ranked to the top position on the search engine.

    Features Covered in our Crypto Based Bingo Game Software

    Major Cryptocurrencies Support

    Our crypto based Bingo game software supports all the major cryptocurrencies including Ether, Bitcoin, Ripples, etc that enables your players to carry out the transactions in a convenient manner in their desired cryptocurrencies.

    Players Leaderboard

    Players leaderboard is integrated in our crypto based Bingo game software for showcasing the scorings, winning scores, etc of different players at various gaming levels.

    Game History

    You can also visualize the game history of different players participating in the Bingo game on your crypto based Bingo game software and can track the number of matches in which the players participated and their previous scores and winning rates.

    Admin Dashboard

    For central management of various operations related to the platform, admin has access to do user management, player management, finance management, game management, etc on our crypto based Bingo game software.

    Multiple Payment Gateways

    Our crypto based Bingo game software comes integrated with multiple payment gateways thus making it convenient for your users to carry out transactions on your platform.

    Bingo Challenges

    To add excitement to our crypto based Bingo game software, the feature of Bingo challenges is present in our platform from where your players can give game challenges to each other and have competitive gameplay.

    Referral and Bonuses

    Referral and bonu programs are present in our crypto based Bingo game software for enhancing the retention rate of players on the platform by giving them a chance to earn bonuses on referring the platform to other users.

    Bingo Chat

    Through the feature of Bingo chat in our crypto based Bingo game software, your players can have wise exchange of ideas and can communicate with each other and plan out appropriate game strategies.

    Multilingual Support

    To facilitate smooth betting for your users belonging to different geographic locations, our crypto based Bingo game software comes integrated with multiple languages support.

    Mobile Responsive

    Our crypto based Bingo game software is mobile responsive and can run smoothly on Android as well as iOS platforms thereby helping you to engage mobile users for your crypto based Bingo game software.

    Additional Highlights of our Crypto Based Bingo Game Platform

    Back office and Comprehensive Dashboards

    Enticing User Interface

    Social Engagement Module - Fantasy Sports Software

    Social Media Sharing

    Comprehensive Dashboards

    Easy-to-handle CMS

    Esports Production Tools

    Android and iOS Bingo Game Mobile Application

    White Label Fantasy Golf Software - Achievement Badges

    Achievement Badges

    Reliable Third-party Integrations

    On-demand Customizations

    Marketing Guidance

    Strong Back Office Admin Support

    Major CryptocurrenciesSupported in our Bingo Game Software

    Bitcoin Cash

    Our Crypto Based Bingo Game Software Development Cycle

    Crypto Based Bingo Game Software Development Cycle

    Features Supported in Admin Panel

    Fully Customized Solutions
    Unparalleled Team of Professionals

    Why Choose GammaStack

    Secure and Transparent Solution
    On-time Delivery of Work
    No Unwanted Share of Revenue

    GammaStack is a well-known crypto based Bingo game software development company that has gained significant recognition for offering top of the line online casino solution that is integrated all the requisite aspects that facilitate a hassle-free and exciting gaming experience for your users.

    Awards and mentions

    Silicon India Company of the Year
    Emerging experts in Blockchain ETHDenver
    3rd ranked among 1000 entries in IBW Blockchain hackathon
    Keynote Speakers in Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain Conference
    Brand Leadership Award by best brand awards, India
    Keynote Speakers in BFC APAC-Singapore Conference
    Rising Star 2019 Award
    Premium Usability 2019 Award


    Gaming Laboratory International
    Gambling Commission
    Malta Gaming Authority
    Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
    General Data Protection Regulation


    U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    Florida State Golf Association INC
    All India Gaming Federation

    Data Partners

    Stats Api Integration
    Betradar API Integration
    Goal Serve API Integration
    Exe Feed API Integration
    Fantasy Data API Integration
    Sportradar API Integration
    LSports API Integration

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