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Bitcoin Casino Platform Development

Bitcoin Casino Platform Development

Unparalleled Bitcoin Casino Platform Development

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Industry-Leading Bitcoin Casino Platform Development

At GammaStack, we’re just as passionate about Bitcoin casino platform development as you are. Our Bitcoin casino developers help you to create incredible gambling experiences for your players by providing the custom Bitcoin casino platform development solutions that are necessary for a successful business. We can work with you to develop a plan that will help you achieve your goals, whether you want to create a new site from scratch or need some help taking your current site to the next level.

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Benefits of our Bitcoin Casino Platform Development


Smart Contracts

It allows you to get rid of intermediaries and thereby reduce your costs, and on the other hand, it makes transactions much more transparent.


Bitcoin-Supported Faster Transactions

Allow your users to get to the game and start playing by removing the need to wait for the transactions to process.


Data Ownership

Remove redundancy and risk of data loss or theft by eliminating third-party involvement in data ownership.


Secure Software

The bitcoin casino software is designed specifically by experts to ensure that it is protected against hacking, fraud, or theft.


Scalable Solutions

We've designed our platform to be scalable, so that whether you're a small business just getting started or an established giant looking to expand, we can meet your needs.


Multi-language Software

Remove the language barrier between you and your clients by offering them their favourite online casino games in their native language. .

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Available Engagement Models

Our engagement model is focused around the needs of our clients. That’s why we offer flexible engagement and billing options, so that we can work with your budget and your project requirements seamlessly.

Time and Material

Dedicated Team

Fixed Price

Myriad of Aspects of Our Bitcoin Casino Platform

Secure Deposits in BTC

It’s never been easier for your users to use BTC to play the online and live casino games you want. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s secure.

KYC System
Keep the users’ accounts in check to make sure they comply with your rules while keeping their identity safe with a robust KYC system.
Attractive UX

With an easily accessible user interface, the casino platform ensures that the users have a seamless experience getting on-board and playing their favourite games.

Every aspect of the platform, from games to billing is ensured to be transparent to build a trusted relationship with the players.
Encrypted Data
Ensure that your users’ personal and financial information is extremely guarded with 128-bit
Admin Support
Analyse and manage your complete bitcoin casino platform with automatic, handy and convenient admin
Game Monitoring
The software provides latest, real-time tools that enable you to monitor and analyse live games and their
Bonus and Remuneration System
Keep your players coming back for more with attractive rewards and bonus campaigns that keep your platform ahead of the curve.
Multiple Casino Games

Tap into the wide market of bitcoin casino games by offering your clients every possible game, from Sic Bo to Keno.

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Why Hire Our Expert Casino Developers?

When you work with GammaStack, you get access to our highly experienced team of bitcoin casino software developers—each specializing in their own areas of expertise—as well as our years’ worth of knowledge and insight into what it takes to create a successful online gambling business.

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Our Bitcoin Casino Platform Development Process

Market research
Development of Budget and Business Plan
Thorough Research
Business plan development
Tasks Distribution
Tasks delegation
Ui/UX development
Ui/UX development
Coding Backend development
Coding Backend development
Integration for decentralised payment system
Integration for decentralised payment system
QA testing
QA testing
Launch of the platform
Launch of the platform
Dedicated team for blockchain expertise
End-to-end solutions
Experience of multiple cryptocurrencies integration
Customised casino software

As part of our custom software development services, we offer a wide range of gaming software solutions and gambling platforms that are tailored to help you launch your own online casino or sportsbook business. GammaStack is a full-service development company that provides end-to-end Bitcoin casino platform solutions backed by a team of developers with network security expertise, who have been working in the industry for over 8 years.


1. Do online casinos use algorithms?

Yes, casinos do use algorithms. The main difference between online and offline casinos is that online casinos have more sophisticated systems and tools available to them. This means they can offer a better experience and a higher level of protection for their players.

2. What is the working process of a Bitcoin casino platform?

The working process of a Bitcoin casino platform is quite simple. The player deposits money in their account, which is then converted into Bitcoin and stored in the company's wallet.

The most important thing to know is that all transactions are completely secure and anonymous. This means that no one will be able to trace them back to you!

3. Does the Bitcoin casino platform also accept other cryptocurrencies?

Yes! We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies as deposit methods.

4. Can the users create a new crypto asset wallet on the casino platform?

Yes! We allow users to create their own crypto asset wallets, which they can then use to deposit funds into the casino and make withdrawals.

5. What are smart contracts?

Smart contracts are a way of automating the rules and agreements of a contract, so that they can be executed by the blockchain.

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