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Bingo Game Designs

Bingo Game Designs

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Best Bingo Game Designs For Your Portfolio

Want to bring the never-before experience of bingo for your punters from across the globe? At GammaStack, we provide the most unique and enticing bingo game designs along with development support to get your business a cutting-edge performance benefit and the best looks. The bingo game software designs we provide are equipped with the richest graphics, interfaces, and tools that elevate the user experience in all aspects. Not only the ready-to-use bingo game designs but also the customised ones are our forte.

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Bingo Game Variants We Provide

30 Ball Or Speed Bingo

30 Ball Or Speed Bingo

With 30-ball bingo is the basic bingo game played with 30 balls on 3*3 cards of bingo, usually used in times when bingo needs to be quick, easy, and more winning.

75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo

Most popular in America and Canada, the 75 ball bingo uses 5*5 bingo cards where 24 out of 25 boxes are filled, to make a win in which the player needs to check off at least a row, column, or diagonal.

80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo

The most played bingo online, the 80 ball bingo contains 80 filled cells that are divided in 4*4 grids, which means 16 numbers are coloured as same, where different patterns lead to wins.

90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo

The most extensive bingo type, this uses 9 columns consisting of 3 rows and 5 numbers in each row for every card. Overall six cards are used, where the finisher of the first row, two rows, and single card are called as first, second and third winners respectively.


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Best Benefits Of Our Bingo Game Designs


Marketing Assistance

Let’s not only stop at development and launch, but for good business development practices, we also provide marketing support to upscale your business.


Omni Channel Solutions

Let’s get your bingo game designs to work on all devices and channels like the web, desktop, laptops, etc. on iOS, Android, or any other seamlessly.


Wide Demographics

We develop designs as per the demographics you service such as for the Asian, African, European, or any other market for more personalisation.


Live Chat & Streams

GammaStack is the provider of the best live chat support and live streaming of complete bingo games to keep punters engaged.


Agility & Innovation

What benefits our customers the most is our innovative approach and agile development processes for bingo game designs.


Bingo Game Varieties

Get your hands on a vivid range of bingo games and varieties to let your players choose from what they want.


Custom/Bespoke Designs

Want to customize your online bingo game designs? GammaStack is the right stop for you as we provide unique and custom solutions to clients for their unique edge.


Social Media Handles

Connect your networks on social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. and invite them to play or network with them to increase your gaming experience.


Multiple Levels

Crafted for all types of players i.e. novices to experts, our bingo game designs come with multiple levels of gaming as per the difficulty level to excite players.



Let multiple players play simultaneously using one window on live using our multiplayer benefit added to the online bingo game software.


Computer Mode

Entering the game as a single player? We have got computer mode for you in the bingo gamer design to keep your gaming excitement satisfied.


Bingo Jackpots & Bonuses

Refer or invite your friends, and many more activities of marketing, and grab rewards and bonuses added for our players.

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Bingo Game Design Features To Get Today

Random Number Generator
We to add a mechanism for randomly generating numbers, such as a ball machine or a computer program for fair bingo game designs.
Attractive Marking Tools
We offer the most beautiful elements for marking numbers on cards, such as chips, markers, or electronic
Crispy Interface
When it comes to bingo game design setup, GammaStack brings the best-in-class UI and UX designs for more engagement in the game.
3D Dices & Effects
For a fantastic gaming experience, we have got the best bingo game designs with 3D dice rolling, controls, and effects to provide a realistic view.
Game History & Records
Let your players access their gaming records, history, etc. for past performance evaluation – all using our comprehensive bingo game design.
Admin Dashboard
Edit, access, organise and control administrative tools like the back-office system, content, user profiles, customer support, etc. with the admin panel we offer.
Fast Notifications
Let you punters know about many new updates, news, and upgrades using the smart notifications system we add to our bingo game designs.
Game Controls & Settings
From themes, boards, chips, notifications, time, user account, and many more; control and set everything as per your choice using the game setting option.
Smart Launch
GammaStack is known for its quickest, smartest, and most reliable launching support of the bingo game designs to keep your growth speed higher.
Engine & Programming
Fast gaming engines, math simulators, and logic are processed with QA to deliver excellent and high-profile user experience on our bingo game design.
Calling Mechanism
A method for announcing the numbers, such as a live caller or an automated voice that lets your players know the next number arrived.
User Guideline
Get the system for determining the winner, such as a full card, a specific pattern, or a combination of numbers, rules, etc. using our bingo game designs.
Jurisdictional Support
Get to know everything about legal aspects, regulations, and jurisdictions related to bingo game development from the experts at GammaStack.
Quick Payments System
Safe, quick, and secured payments are what we cater to, all thanks to our diverse payment system that comprises payment gateways, currency choices, etc.
Multiple Ticket Play
To understand and learn the bingo logic quickly, we let one player get multiple bingo tickets for play to increase the gaming thrills.
Chips & Time Management
Customise your chips, add a variety of chip designs,
and let players set time flexibly for exciting bingo
The leaderboard tool added to our bingo game design lets you place the leading player’s information on the board for more networking and gaming together.
Wallets Support
For quick payments and quicker bingo gaming, we add multiple wallets to the bingo game software for easy deposits, withdrawals, and purchases.
No Revenue Share
Offer no additional or hidden costs, charges, and fees for the development and designing of your bingo game software, all thanks to our policy on no revenue sharing.
Player Tracking
Using our CRM tool, we offer effective tracking benefits where one can see, access, and manage user profiles, preferences, and histories.
Back-end Logics & Protocols
GammaStack get you efficient server-side logic and client-side validation techniques and protocols for more transparency and fairness.
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Multiple Bingo Patterns That Are Popular

Multiple Bingo Patterns That Are Popular
four corners

Four Corners

Get a bingo card, and the one to check off all four corner numbers on the card first is the winner.



The horizontal numbers in a line of the card are a row, and checking off all numbers of the row gives a win.


Outer Edge

Also known as the frame pattern, this uses numbers on the outer edge of the card, forming a square border, and checking off all numbers needed for the win.



For a full house, it is needed for the player to check off all the numbers in a card, which means complete filling of the

Number or letter


The tricky pattern of bingo, letter pattern is anywhere players are asked to check off numbers in a way that makes a letter such as Z, E, L, X, C, etc.

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Various Bingo Game Modes

Looking forward to playing bingo online? Let’s see the different modes of bingo gaming you can choose from our bingo game designs.
Computer Mode

Computer Mode

On or off the internet,
our computer mode of
bingo game software can be used as a second or
another player that just plays as a real player.

Friends Mode

Friends Mode

Connect your friends and allies on the bingo game platform developed, create a community or group, and play altogether online with full excitement.

Local Mode

Local Mode

When you’re offline and have friends present at a place, the local mode is the best which offers bingo gaming to multiple players from a single screen or device.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer Mode

Play randomly with friends, worldwide people, and externally linked players that come to the platform openly for a game, thus turning the bingo more exciting.

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How Do We Prepare Bingo Game Designs?

Idea Generation
Idea Understanding
Idea Understanding
Planning & Sketching
Design Resources Allocation
Design Resources Allocation
Bingo Game Designing
Bingo Game Designing
Custom Configurations
Custom Configurations
3rd Party Add-Ons
3rd Party Add-Ons
QA Testing
Quality Testing
Maintenance, Marketing Support
Post-Launch Monitoring
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Creative Game Designs
Unlimited Customisations
Ready-to-Launch Support
Developers’ Staffing Flexibility
Agile Design & Development

GammaStack is the name known globally for the best-in-class bingo game designs and development. For more than 8 years now, GammaStack has been excelling in the global bingo and gaming industry with fascinating gaming solutions, the finest tools and technologies, unique features, and whatnot. We have everything to deliver as per your requirements – whether customisable or ready to launch. Not only this, GammaStack gets your business to develop in the self-service mode by hiring our skilled developers as per the demand. So, why wait when all your needs can be fulfilled in one place?

FAQs - Bingo Game Designs

1. What is bingo game software?

A bingo game software is a computer program designed to simulate the traditional bingo game. Players use the software to play bingo online or through a mobile app.

2. What are the main features of bingo game software?

The main features of bingo game software include a random number generator for calling bingo numbers, card management, user account management, multiplayer support for playing with multiple players, etc.

3. What are the costs involved in developing bingo game software?

The cost of developing bingo game software varies depending on the size, complexity, and features of the game. The cost also depends on the development team and their experience, as well as the location where the software is being developed.

4. What are the benefits of developing bingo game software?

The benefits of developing bingo game software include: increasing player engagement and retention, providing a new revenue stream, and establishing a brand presence in the online gaming market.

5. Can the bingo game designs be customised?

Yes, customise your bingo game design just as you want it for a sense of uniqueness, creativity, and attractiveness.

6. Does GammaStack have readymade bingo game solutions?

Yes, GammaStack offers ready-to-use bingo game designs and software to help businesses start early in the market.

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