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Scale your betting website with Betradar’s top-notch data and odds APIs we integrate into your business.

  • 10+ implementation
  • 60 Sports Covered
  • 400,000+ sports events/year
  • 500+ operators subscribe
  • 5+ migrations to LSports
  • Used by 100+ Bookmakers worldwide

About Betradar Software

Betradar is providing its services to more than 600+ bookmakers in over 80 countries. The company was founded in 2001 by Carsten Koerl, Tore Steinkjer, and Petter Fornæss and is the brand of a multinational sports betting company, Sportradar AG.

Betradar has 60+ sports covered including a wide range of traditional sports and has supplied over 400,000+ sports events every year. With thousands of live matches & deep data analysis, it is marked the best data and odds services company by the largest network of data journalists in the world. With the most sophisticated security systems for betting live data production, Betradar’s odds are monitored by the leading Fraud Detection Service.

Betradar’s betting services portfolios completely meet the standard of the international bookmaking industry. Not just the traditional sports, they have got you covered from horse racing to greyhound racing with their dynamic range of betting operations and services.

Traditional sports including basketball, volleyball, football and esports including StarCraft 2, Counter-Strike: GO, Dota 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and more; all data and odds services are covered by Betradar.

Set of Services Betradar Offer

  • Betting Service
  • Gaming
  • Betting Stimulation
  • Live Streaming
  • Managed Trading Services

Betradar Integration Services Offered by GammaStack

GammaStack is the leading sports data and odds integration company. Our most enthusiastic team of developers integrate the APIs for data and odds from Betradar thus ensuring seamless betting experience to the users. Get the most updated data with fewer errors on your betting platform with Betradar and we make things easier for you.

–   Unified APIs
     Number betting for lottery odd
      Replay Service
     Unified Feeds
– MTS – a complete sportsbook management solution
– Pre-match, Live Odds & Live Data Service

We have got you covered with their most common unified APIs integration along with MTS integration and pre-match, live odds and live data services into your sportsbook. Our developers equipped with technical acumen integrate the best-in-class odds and data services within the span of one month.

Here is the set of data we cover:


  • Sports
  • Venue
  • Season
  • Tournaments
  • Events
  • Matches


  • Socket Connection
  • Backend Services
  • Changes in Match
  • Odds Changes
  • Bet Settlement
  • Data Handling and much more

Unified APIs by Betradar

Betradar covers odds API including odds recovery, booking calendar, static event information, sports event information, entity descriptions, betting descriptions, probabilityAPI, custom bet API, user information and more. With fast data retrieval rate, the data provided by them is driven by APIs to ensure seamless betting experience.
Betradar Unified APIs are highly recommended as they cover all types of odds from the best marketplace thus not letting down users’ expectations. With Betradar, you get true and reliable data for the better betting experience.

MTS - a complete sportsbook management solution

Betradar’s MTS is a comprehensive sportsbook management solution covering high-risk management tools, liability management and much more. You get everything under one roof from the comfort of your home. It enables bookmakers to manage sportsbooks efficiently and easily. For growing startups and established businesses who want to migrate, Betradar’s MTS is a competitive advantage for you.

Pre-match, Live Odds & Live Data Service

Whether it’s the pre-match data, live odds or live data services, Betradar has got you covered with everything. Punters can pick from a series of fixtures and odds and different trading tools for hassle-free experience. With fully automated live odds driven by APIs, Betradar is being used by 350 bookmakers worldwide. Get a complete range of pre-match odds, live odds and data with Betradar that enables fast, accurate and secure data transmission.

Looking for something else?

Benefits of Betradar Integration You Receive With Us

On-demand Hiring

Hire on-demand with our flexible hiring models that enable you to hire developers as per your needs.

Betradar Certified Teams

Our teams of certified Betradar API integration developers work with Betradar to ensure integration and migration take place in no time.

Quick Updates

Users got quick updates for both static and dynamic data from Betradar’s Unified APIs that are easy to integrate into your business.

Zero Downtime

Zero downtime is our priority as it provides a sense of satisfaction to the users. We ensure to deploy all the changes in one go.

24/7 Live Support Team

We have a team of dedicated live support engineers who take care of each and every query from you to ensure top-notch services.

Seamless Migration to Betradar

We have successfully migrated plenty of websites to Betradar thus providing state-of-the-art service.

Cutting edge Technologies

Our developers integrate the Betradar using cutting edge technologies including RoR, Node.js to ensure smooth and hassle-free integration.

Choose From Our Diverse and Flexible Engagement Models

Dedicated Teams

We provide dedicated teams to ensure your task is completed. Whether you need to migrate your old data provider to a new one or you need some assistance into your existing sportsbook services, we are there for you.

Time and Material

Want to make small changes or want quick fixes? Our time and material model is a good fit for you. Generate quick and cost-effective results by hiring our time and material model developers that work on your specific needs and demands.

Fixed Price

Have a task to run or software to build from scratch with integration services? The fixed price model is for you as it allows you to hire teams that get paid as per pre-defined prices and models.

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How Do We work?

Betradar Integration takes place in the following steps:

Requirement Elicitation

First, we ask for the desired services you required from us including the live data, odds and much more.

Coordination with Betradar Team

Our professionals then coordinate with the team of Betradar to work hand-in-hand with them.

Create Architecture For Integration

We then create architecture for data integration and build socket connections accordingly.


Once the socket connection is established, we integrate the data and odds into your sportsbook.


Both manual and automated testing is performed by our quality analysts team ensuring our integration meets your requirements.


We then finally launch your sportsbook with Betradar integration so that users can use it efficiently.

Seamless Betradar Integration
Zero Downtime

Why GammaStack for Betradar API Integration Developers?

Plethora of features
Cost-effective Services & Solutions

GammaStack is known for providing top-notch integration services. With 8+ years of iGaming services, we have served a plethora of clients with our fast integration services. Our seasoned team of professionals ensure 24*7 live support and with zero downtime we provide the best Betradar integration services. Certified by Betradar, we ensure timely deliveries with fast data retrieval rate. 

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