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Harness the power of LSports API Integration company and arm your sports betting business with thoroughly analyzed and precisely accurate data that enables you to make the right business decisions

LSports API Integration Company
  • 10+ implementation
  • 1200+ Markets
  • 105K Pre-match
  • 60 Sports Covered

About LSports API Integration Company

Founded in the year 2011 with the mission to revolutionize sports betting as well as media, LSports today stands as one of the best real-time sports data providers that works with various world-leading sportsbooks around the world. Over the years, LSports have enabled several online bookmakers, websites as well as media groups to get their hands on thoroughly analyzed data, highly user-friendly solutions as well as performance insights that have enabled them to make some of the most ideal business decisions at right time. Fueled with the purpose of equipping organizations with a competitive advantage, LSports delivers automated alerting tools, data feeds, precisely analyzed data for in-play and pre-match incidents, and much more to their clients.

LSports API Integration Services Offered by GammaStack

GammaStack specializes in providing clients outstanding LSports API integration services that not only enable them to automate their existing sports betting platform by harnessing the power of the AI trading system but also enable them to get accurate odds data. Our key offerings include 

Sports Trading Manager (STM) Integration

The biggest advantage of integrating STM is it reduces the need for manual labor by delivering you automated real-time alerts. In addition to this, it gives you complete freedom of choosing your feed format. With STM, you can pick from binary, JSON, as well as XML which guarantees you outstanding performance. STM also allows you to choose between industry average or setting your margin, enables you to generate odds based on the market, and renders you all-in-one data feed.

OddService Integration

Get the accurate coverage for in-play as well as pre-match sports betting odds data with OddService integration that analyses more than 100 sportsbooks and performs various checks and verifications on your offer in real-time. The biggest advantage? You get data with the lowest latency rates, an all-in-one data lifecycle, reduced manual labor, and operational costs. In addition to this, OddService provides data coverage of 100K pre-match events across 30+ sports and also provides you Esports API data in real-time.

Additional Services of LSports We Cover

Looking for more services rendered by LSports? We at GammaStack ensure you get everything in one place and hence we provide you complete assistance and help you make the most out of LSports
  • Outright Sports
  • Odds Intelligence
  • Play-By-Play
  • LVision
  • Alerting Tools
  • Player Props Data
  • BetBooster

Upsides of Choosing GammaStack for LSports API Integration

Zero Downtime

Integrations can cause downtime. But not when you are working with GammaStack. Our team of highly skilled and proficient developers ensures zero downtime to ensure you can facilitate business activities without compromises or interruptions.

LSports Certified Teams

Our certified teams work closely with LSports to ensure you get the best. The created architecture is first verified and thoroughly checked by LSports and is implemented only after they approve.

Seamless Migration to LSports

Thinking about migration? Think GammaStack! We have rendered hassle-free as well as seamless migration services to several clients around the world.

Quick Updates

GammaStack’s LSports API integration enables you to get updates within 0-1 seconds and helps you stay ahead of your competitors.

24/7 Support

To ensure you never face a roadblock or speedbump, we provide you 24/7 support to make sure your every query gets answered.

Cost-effective Yet Best-in-class Services

Want the highest quality integrations within your budget? We’ve got you covered. We provide you high-quality solutions that meet your needs at extremely competitive prices.

Cutting-edge Technology

Get equipped with cutting edge technology that enables you to get access to accurate data without any hassle. betting.

How We Work At GammaStack

Requirement Analysis

This is the initial phase where we understand your requirements, your needs, and your business goals. Only after we have a clear understanding, we move to the next steps.

Coordination with LSports Team

Once we understand your needs, we coordinate with our certified LSports teams to deliver you the best possible solution.

Architecture Creation for Integration

This is the step where our teams start building the architecture as per your business needs.

The Integration Process

This is the step where the integration process begins. Our teams take each and every parameter into account to ensure seamless integration.

QA Testing

Once the integration is done and we have LSports approval, our QA team takes over and tests the solution rigorously and thoroughly.

Go Live

This is the last stage where our teams launch your solution with LSports API integration.

Next-gen Solutions
Seamless Integration

Why GammaStack?

Proficient Professionals
8+ Years of iGaming Experience

We at GammaStack strive to bring you the best. Hence in order to empower your business, we provide best-in-industry LSports API integration services that not only enable you to get your hands on the authentic data but also enable you to make the right crucial business decisions within the appropriate time frame. Come and join the hub of all the organizations that are benefitting tremendously with our LSports API integration services and take your business to a whole new level.

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