Who Plays the Lottery? Know your Audience & Market your Online Lottery Business Better

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Who Plays the Lottery? Know your Audience & Market your Online Lottery Business Effectively

Who plays the lottery, who buys lottery tickets, why do people play the lottery, and how many people play the lottery daily. If you are someone who is planning to invest in the online lottery industry, asking these questions to the right people must be on the top of your list of priorities. Why? Because these questions will form the backbone of your lottery business marketing strategy.

Did you know? More than $37 Billion is wasted in advertising and marketing every single year. And the reason behind such massive failure? Marketing and advertising that does not engage the target audiences. Too much activity in the wrong direction, complicated processes, inefficiencies, poor communication, involvement of various people, and too much trial error can contribute to extreme lead generation costs. These excessive costs and ineffective marketing strategies can take a toll on the overall potential and the success of your online lottery business.

When you are creating marketing strategies for your online lottery business, understanding your target audience must be your very first step. Understanding your audience will help you understand their needs, expectations, pain points, etc and these insights will help you create effective marketing plans and deploy better strategies within your budget.

Benefits of knowing your audience

What gender should you market your online lottery software to? What is the age of your potential customer? Where do they live? What language do they speak? Knowing your audience helps you answer all of these questions and also renders the below listed benefits.

  • Be Seen Knowing your audience helps you understand their choices as well as their interests. This allows you to place your advertisement in places where they can be seen by your target audiences.
  • Better Communication When you understand your potential customer, you can fabricate messages that resonate with them. This allows you to communicate effectively and get your message across.
  • Better Focus Every business initially has a broad audience. But when the personas of potential customers are created, the target audience gets narrowed down and identified, which enables businesses to focus better on one specific portion of the audience.
  • Stronger Referral Base Not every potential customer will sign up on your online lottery platform. But when you market your business correctly, position your business accurately and get the message delivered, your potential customers might refer your business to your other potential customers.
  • Effective Spending Marketing to the wrong audiences can easily jeopardize your marketing budget. But targeting the right audience helps you effectively spend every penny and get maximum returns out of your investment.

Lottery Demographics & Lottery Stats

Online lottery is widely popular in several regions such as South Africa, North America, MEA, Latin America, APAC, Europe, and many more regions.

How many people play the lottery daily in Africa? As per recent studies, it has surfaced that in Africa, 7 out of 10 people play the lottery on a daily basis. Africa is the world’s second largest continent and one can find several opportunities to participate in the lotteries easily while traveling. In fact, National lotteries are also considered one of the most invaluable assets.

In the UK, more than 45 million people take part in lottery games on a regular basis. At least 50% of the population takes part in an online lottery at least once a month. The lottery is so immensely popular that even the Queen took part and pocketed £10 in the lotto draw.

In America, more than 181 million people buy lottery tickets once a year. American men are more inclined towards taking part in the lottery than women, unlike in the UK. Also, people belonging to the age group 30-64 years old make the most purchases.

According to the Journal of Gambling Studies’ lottery research, younger people play more lottery games than older people. As per the stats, 66% of people belonging to the age group 19 to 29 participated in lotteries. Also, 69% of people belonging to the age group 31 to 40 buy lottery tickets. 54% of people older than 61 participated in lottery games.

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Who Plays the Lottery — Types of Target Audiences and Their Roles

Now that we know the benefits of understanding your target audiences, let’s take a look at their type and their roles.
  • Interest Your target audiences might have varying interests. These include hobbies, personal preferences, choice of entertainment etc. Access to this data will help you create personalized messages and will allow you to create and deliver meaningful messages to appeal to them.
  • Purchase Intention Every decision has a driving force. This force can be emotional or logical. Dwelling down on this will help you understand what will motivate people to sign up on your online lottery platform and will also enable you to understand their needs.
  • Appeal A group of people might like a certain type of bonus, another group might like a certain type of game or a certain type of jackpot might appeal to the third group. Understanding what appeals to what type of audience will help you help them sign up.

    The above are the three divisions on the basis of which your target audience will be grouped. But no matter in which division they fall, they play two major roles. Let’s take a look at them.
  • Making the Purchase Decision This is the potential customer who will convert into an actual customer. This is the visitor who will sign up. And when this happens, you must start with the promotions and ads that will appeal to them further, in order to retain them for longer.
  • Supporters the Brand If your marketing message gets across effectively, you might get supporters for your online lottery business. These might not sign up or make any purchases, but these will hold the power of influencing the decision of those who might sign up.

    Whether your target audience makes the decision of signing up or decides to support your online lottery platform, there is always a driving force that makes them reach a decision. It could be the values, needs, wants, and reasons that will help people to reach a particular conclusion.

    In the case of lottery players, things are no different. Let’s take a look at the reasons why do people play the lottery.
Online Lottery Business

Why Do People Play the Lottery

When one thinks about lottery players, most people think of people who are just looking for quick cash without putting in the hard work. Some people might also think of poor or homeless people.

But things are not what they seem to be. A survey taken proved that the frequent lottery ticket buyers belong to the $36,000-$89,000 income bracket.

Pretty impressive, right?

In addition to this, it also needs to be noted that several lottery players also earn above $90,000. It can be concluded that lotteries appeal to the poor as well as to the wealthy. But another fact that cannot be ignored is that poor people spend more money on lotteries than rich people.

But the question is, why would anyone play a game and hope to win when the odds are this crazy? The probability of winning a lottery game is 1 in 13,983,816. So why would anyone want to play such a game where chances of losing are sky high?

Well, the reasons are plenty! Let’s take a look at them one by one.
  • People want their Hands on the Lottery Jackpot This one is pretty much obvious. People want to win. And how can they win? By buying lottery tickets. Bigger jackpots attract more customers, which results in better participation.
  • Lotteries are Cheap & Fun People do not buy lottery tickets. They buy hope. 15 seconds of adrenaline rush and hope to become a millionaire. And it only costs $3-$5. Now, who doesn’t want that?
  • Lottery Can Turn Fortune Most people dream about what they’ll do if they win. How they’ll spend it, where they’ll invest it, and how the money will fix all their problems. The thought of winning a lottery itself is tempting and it’s a serious motivator for many to buy lottery tickets.
  • Out of Habit Some people play because they have become habitual of buying lottery tickets. They hear about the next big jackpot and they buy the tickets. In addition to this, the lottery is enjoyable. Choosing the lucky numbers, creating combinations. Overall, it’s a fun activity.
  • The Retirement Plan Not everyone is good with finances. And on top of it, the economy is unstable. No one knows what the future holds for them. Lotteries give people hope. Hope to build a better future for themselves as well as for the future generations. Winning a lottery can help them create a solid retirement plan. Having more than enough money can help people pay hospital bills, help them cope with the vulnerabilities of old age, and can allow them to leave something behind.
  • Change Dreams into Realities What would you do if you had tons and tons of money? Bungee jumping? World tour? Buy a Lamborghini? Or make a difference by using the money for a greater cause? Well, everyone dreams and money gives people the power to fulfill their dreams. Winning the lottery can help people turn their dreams into reality. And only dreaming about fulfilling dreams is a powerful reason to play the lottery.
  • Equal Rules Lotteries don’t differentiate. They don’t have any biases. The rules are similar for everyone. Whether you are rich or poor, the playing field is leveled and everyone gets treated fairly.
  • Someone Has to Win “Someone has to win, it could be me”. This is one of the reasons why people get pulled into playing the lottery. Several players believe, someone has to win, might as well be me. Another reason for massive participation in the lotteries.

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Types of online lottery players

We have dwelled into why people play lottery games. Now let’s take a look into the types of players that play lottery games.
  • The Pessimists There are several players who always hold a negative outlook when it comes to lotteries. You’ll always find them bashing lotteries, calling these a rip off. But, even negativity also doesn’t stop them from playing online lotteries and browsing jackpots. There are several players who fall into this category, and they never stop playing lottery games.
  • The Realist These people know that the odds are stacked against them. They understand that the probability of winning the lottery is extremely low. But still, they’ll play the lottery. Why? Just to try their luck. If they win, well and good, if not, that's no problem.
  • The Optimists These people are always positive. They’ll buy a lottery ticket and will believe that they’ll win. They know that the jackpot was created just for them. These people dream big and believe more, without a doubt.
Now you know who plays the lottery, lottery demographics, who buys lottery tickets, and how many buy lottery tickets daily, you can position your business and create messages that will appeal to these people, A.K.A. your target audience. Targeting these people will help you enhance your reach, gain supporters as well as customers.

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How GammaStack can help you reach your target audience

Looking for marketing services for your online lottery platform? Want to target your audience better while enhancing your reach? GammaStack can help. At GammaStack, we provide you marketing services for online lottery platforms that help you position your business, target your audience, effectively communicate with your potential customers, create effective marketing strategies as well as marketing campaigns and enhance the reach of your business.

Apart from our marketing services, we also specialize in providing cutting-edge custom as well as white label online lottery platforms that come with next-gen features, engaging games, and much more. Want to know more about marketing services or online lottery platforms? Contact us today!

FAQs on lottery target audiences

How can you help me market my online lottery platform?

We at GammaStack provide marketing services to our customers that include positioning of the business, customer communication, audience targeting, marketing campaigns, and much more.

Do you also provide social media marketing services?

Yes, we provide you social media marketing services on all the major platforms.

I want to launch my online lottery platform. I have a unique idea. Can you design and develop online lottery software as per my needs?

Yes, we can design and develop as per your unique idea. We provide you custom development services to ensure you get what you need.

Does your online lottery software support cryptocurrencies?

Yes, the online lottery software provided by us supports fiat as well as for cryptocurrencies.

Do you provide ready-to-launch online lottery software solutions?

Yes, we provide ready-to-launch online lottery platforms that get ready to go live within a few weeks after all the customizations.


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