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About TVBet

TVBet is a leading live game development company which lives by the slogan of ‘Watch, Bet and Win’. The company is based in Nicosia, Cyprus. It was founded in 2016 and since then is engaged in transforming the gaming industry with the help of their unique and distinct approach towards the gaming industry. They believe in providing a first class audio-visual effect to their players in different parts of the world. TVBet supports over a number of languages and their state-of-the-art games are what attracts a number of gamblers from all over the world. Moreover, their team comprises experienced artists and masters of game designing, hence their games are creative in design and are adored by the players.

Top Games of TVBet

TVBet has developed over 9 live games which consist of new and unique graphic design and a number of gorgeous hosts which provides a dazzling gambling experience to the players. The crew of TVBet is filled with passionate individuals who are available 24/7 for their clients and aims to amaze their players with skillful games. Their games are available in most parts of the world as their games are certified by GLI. Some of the most adored and beloved games developed by TVBet are:


A high quality live lottery-like game, one of the most popular and modern casino games where the gambler chooses certain numbers and if the same numbers are generated then the gambler wins a huge prize.

Joker Bet

Amazing live casino game, where a beautiful host will shuffle the deck and will reveal a single card. The gambler has to bet whether the next card will be of the same color, number or jackpot “ joker”.
Joker Bet
War of Elements

War of Elements

An astonishing live casino game designed by TVBet where a war is raised among the player and the dealer and the one who gets the card with the higher number will win the war.
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Integrating TVBet Games Through GammaStack

GammaStack can help you in providing the games developed by TVBet to your players. TVBet has a growing gaming portfolio and the games are designed using some innovative and creative ideas. Their games are available in english so that the players from multiple regions of the world can feel free to participate and enjoy these games. TVBet works precisely in providing an exclusive gaming experience with the help of professional lighting, authentic scenery and lovely hosts. Our team of trained developers and designers will carry out the process of integration smoothly and seamlessly.

Huge Benefit of TVBet Game


Classic and impressive content

Top-notch graphics and design

New betting options

TVBet Casino Software

TVBet casino software is designed in such a way as to give the players a peculiar gaming experience when it comes to live casino games. Their software provides an ideal and easy to use interface to its users. Its spotless animations and glorious graphics when mixed with the innovative thinking of their wonderful developers creates a unique and distinct product. The games designed by their efficient team of professionals are compatible with multiple devices so that players can easily enjoy their games. They are one of the most enthusiastic live casino game developers in the gambling industry aiming to provide new and premium quality casino games to their users.

Striking Features of TVBet Casino Software

Cross-platform compatibility

GLI certified

Gaming novelties

Huge jackpots

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TVBet API Integration

GammaStack’s unified API will allow you to get an easy and rapid Integration of the games developed by TVBet. TVBet is well known for developing live casino games. By integrating their casino solutions, you will be able to stand tough in the iGaming market. They provide numerous exciting and exclusive features which will amplify the gambling experience of your players. The API integration will let your user play online on multiple screens such as tablets or mobile screens. We at GammaStack, will help you in the entire integration process and will make sure that the integration occurs fluently. The integration will also let you add many utilities and traits that will make your customers engaged to your platform.


1. What does TVBet do?

TVBet is one of the prime producers of high quality live casino games.

2. List some of the famous games developed by TVBet?

Some of the famous games developed by TVBet are: War of elements, Poker Bet, Keno Bet and Joker Bet.

3. Why integrate TVBet games through GammaStack?

Through GammaStack’s unified API, you can have the benefit of integrating premium quality live casino games developed by TVBet. By integrating their casino solutions, you will be able to stand tough in the iGaming market with the help of their unique offerings.