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Turnkey Lite Coin Casino Software

Turnkey Lite Coin Casino Software

Best Turnkey Lite Coin Casino Software

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Ready Made Turnkey Lite Coin Casino Software

GammaStack provides unique and scalable turnkey lite coin casino software so that you can get better profit margins. Our software is developed using HTML5 technology which ensures fast loading of games and high performance across all devices. It can be easily integrated into any website or application, allowing you to create your own online casino in no time. We also offer customized solutions for white label casinos or those who want to build their own platform from scratch

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Advantages of Our Turnkey Lite Coin Casino Software


Varying Engagement Plans

Get various packages that are designed to suit different business sizes, a large selection of games and a comprehensive set of marketing tools.


Secure Transactions

Players can deposit and withdraw using Litecoin. Our payment gateway is fully PCI-DSS compliant and our servers are encrypted with SSL encryption.


Multilingual Software

We provide our clients with the option to choose from multiple languages for their website. They can easily translate the software into their native language or any other language they prefer.


Data Ownership

Retain full control over all the information that your players provide when they register an account with your casino.


Protected Software

We use 256-bit SSL encryption and a secure server to ensure that your data is safe from prying eyes. Our servers are protected by firewalls and we have no access to your data.


Compatible with Various Platforms

Our turnkey lite coin casino software solutions are compatible with multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


Scalable Solutions

Our turnkey lite coin casino software is a scalable solution that can be customized to meet your needs.

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Highlighted Features Provided with Turnkey Lite Coin Casino Software

Secure Gaming
Our high levels of encryption ensure that your data is safe from hackers and other malicious users who might want to steal from you.
Live Chat Support
Our turnkey lite coin casino solution allows you to provide live chat support for all your players on the website so that they can get their queries addressed in real time.
Player Management
With our player management system you can track your players’ performance (such as winnings) over time so that you know exactly how much profit you are making.
Admin Panel
With our admin panel you can add new games and edit existing ones, manage your players (including withdrawals), view statistics and much more!
Encrypted Software
We use state-of-the-art encryption techniques to ensure that all personal information is kept protected and encrypted from hackers and other malicious individuals.
Responsive Design
Expand your reach beyond desktop computers, tablets and smartphones towards smart watches, smart TVs and other connected devices.
Risk Management
Our risk management feature is designed to prevent you from losing more than your fair share of money on a bet. It uses a variety of techniques including limits and insurance.
Variety of Games
Our software comes with over 100 games including slot machines, table games like roulette and blackjack, video poker titles such as Jacks or Better and more!

Turnkey Lite Coin Casino Software Development Process

Gathering requirements
Brainstorming and delegation of tasks
Thorough Research
Market research
Prototype development
Prototype development
Frontend development
Frontend development
Backend coding
Backend coding
Integration of bespoke features
Integration of bespoke features
QA testing
QA testing
Marketing assistance
Marketing assistance
Proven track record of blockchain-based solutions
Scalable software
Fully managed casino solution
Admin and back-end support

GammaStack offers the most advanced features with its turnkey lite coin casino software solutions. The company is a leader in developing online gaming software for casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms, as well as providing all aspects of online casino management. GammaStack provides everything from backend software development to marketing support, customer service and technical support to help you maximize your profits from day one.


1. What is a turnkey casino?

A turnkey casino can be defined as a fully operational, ready-to-use casino that is ready to run.

2. What is the difference between white label and turnkey casino?

White label casinos and turnkey casinos are both types of software used to run online gambling sites. The main difference is that white label casinos are custom-built for a specific client, while turnkey casinos are not.

3. Which is the best turnkey Lite Coin casino software provider?

If you're looking for the best turnkey Lite Coin casino software provider, GammaStack is the way to go. We provide everything you need to get your new casino up and running in no time.

4. How can I start a turnkey casino software?

You can start a turnkey casino software by looking for a developer such as GammaStack to help you. Many companies offer a variety of games and have the ability to customize those games according to your specifications.

5. How much does it cost to create a turnkey Lite Coin casino software?

The cost of creating a turnkey Lite Coin casino software depends on a number of factors, including the features that you want in your casino.

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