Turnkey Esports Tournament Platform for Fortnite

GammaStack is best known for delivering state-of-the-art turnkey tournament software. With a plethora of features and functionalities we aim to take your esports business to the new heights of success.

  • License Independency
  • No Revenue Share
  • Pre-designed Turnkey Tournament Esports Software
  • Anti-Cheat System

Ultra-modern Turnkey Fortnite Tournament Software Solutions

Discovering a pre-designed fortnite tournament software platform for your esports business? GammaStack’s ultra-modern turnkey fortnite tournament software comes with a myriad of features. Our engineers use high end technologies to make a robust and cost-effective esports tournament platform. Our pre-designed fortnite tournament software solution is ready to launch an esports platform provides you a quick market entry in the esports business. We help you scale your business growth with customizable front-end services and complete 24/7 services on backend activities.

Benefits of Our Ready-made Fortnite Tournament Management Software

Sports Betting Software - No Revenue Share

Quick Market Entry

Our turnkey esports tournament management software provides you quick entry to the business of esports. Our software covers all the crucial features and tools to enhance the gaming experience of your players.

Soccer Betting Software On-demand Customization

Zero Revenue Share

We have a zero or no revenue share policy that doesn’t give you second thoughts to choose our product and services. We have a complete transparency in our billing system to make sure that we are on the same page.

Cost-efficient Esports Software Solutions

Gorgeous UI and UX

Our experienced designers and developers who hold great expertise develop the beautiful user-interface (UI) and gorgeous user-experience (UX) that gives your users an exhilarating gaming experience.

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Multiple Device Compatibility

Our esports tournament platform supports multiple device compatibility to provide the flexibility of devices to the users so that they can access the platform from anywhere and at any time.

Hockey Betting Software - User Interaction

On-demand Customizations

We are ready to take challenges as our team of skilled developers are open to on-demand customizations as per your requirement. We integrate themes, colors, make the platform according to the client’s license.

Features of Our Fortnite Tournament Management Software

Organize Tournaments

Apart from participating in different matches, our platform has an in-built feature that allows players to create their own tournaments according to their rules and invite their friends to play.

Multiple Game Formats

We turnkey esports tournament management software supports multiple game formats that includes elimination, round robin, league, bracket formats, h2h and many more.

Progression Tracker

Our progression tracker helps the players with their skills development statistics as they reach to a higher level in the games. This tracker helps them understand their improvements and skills advancement.

Live Leaderboards

We have live leaderboards included in our turnkey esports tournament platform for fortnite that covers players’ highest ranks, number of matches played, and other crucial information.

Integration of Fortnite APIs

Our esports tournament platform comes along with the integration of fortnite APIs integration that collects their unique fortnite IDs and allows them to play matches while collecting all their data and stats from the fortnite esports platform.

Comprehensive Game Lobby

We have a comprehensive game lobby where players can use multiple filters including game type, time frame, payout type, and many more from a single channel itself.

Anti-Cheat System

We have an all inclusive anti-cheat system that comes with our market ready tournament software for fortnite so as to trap any illegal activity on the esports platform such as hacks, adding benefits in the game, etc.

Multiple Consoles

Our turnkey fortnite tournament platform is compatible with different gaming consoles such as playstation, xbox, mobile phones, and many others to provide you users full flexibility over their choice of gaming consoles.

Esports Result Tracker

An esports result tracking system comes along with our platform that shows the most recent and updated scores and is updated manually or automatically through AI bots

Streaming Software Integration

Our ready to launch esports software comes with various live streaming softwares such as MLG.tv, Twitch TV, YouTube Gaming, Hitbox.tv and many more so that players can watch live streaming of matches and tournaments.’

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Major Highlights

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Real-time Tournament Chats

Social Engagement Module - Fantasy Sports Software

Social Media Integration

Jurisdictional Compliant Fantasy Sports Software

Follow & Followers Module

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Ticketing Service

Servicenow Integration Services - Computer Software

Peer-to-peer Esports Platform

Sports Betting Software - Seamless and Secure Payment Options

No Revenue Sharing

ServiceNow Development - Service Management - Other

Frontend Customization

White Label Fantasy Golf Software - Admin Panel

Backend Support

Servicenow Integration Services - Research

AI & Blockchain Integration

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Participant Management System

League Of Legends Tournament Participant Profiles Management

Integration of Analytical and Statistical Services

Servicenow Integration Services - Scope Determination

Push Notifications

How We Work?

White Label Esports Betting Software Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

When you choose our product and services we analyze your requirements and ensure that we have all the resources and skills to make changes in our pre-build tournament software for fortnite.

On-demand Custom Development

We then customize our esports tournament platform according to your brand, theme, color, to make your platform brand specific and other such requirements to eradicate any kind of hassle once the esports platform is launched,

White Label Esports Betting Software Brand-Specific Customizations
Custom Esports Betting Software Development


We perform both manual and automated testing to ensure that all the changes made are as per your requirements and the look and the feel of the platform is the same as you desire.


Once we customize our turnkey esports tournament, we then launch our software to be used by the end users.

OverWatch Tournament Management Mobile App Development
On-demand Customization
Exclusive iGaming Features

Why GammaStack?

Scalable & Robust Platform
Realistic Esports Software Solutions

GammaStack delivers excellent services and solutions for esports tournament software. We adhere to the quality standards and license while we customize our pre-built tournament software for fortnite. Our experienced team of experts and engineers take care of every minute detail and latest industry trends to provide you a world-class tournament gaming software solution. Our aim is to make esports software solutions that drive your business to a new level of success.


Gaming Laboratories International
Gambling Commission
General Data Protection Regulation
Malta Gaming Authority
Gibraltar Regulatory Authority


US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Florida State Golf Association
All India Gaming Federation

Data Partners

Fantasy Data
Goal Serve

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