Top 10 IOST Casinos DApps

IOST is the next generation of secure and highly scalable blockchain platforms that have attracted a large number of users. The transactions made by IOST is estimated to cross 29 million, greater than that of Ethereum. It has now almost a quarter-million wallets. 

Based on the algorithm of “Proof of Believability” (POB), IOST is an ultra-fast decentralized blockchain network. It is quite impressive to know that developing DApps on IOST is easier as it works on Javascript, unlike EOS that works on C++. So, IOST is a developer-friendly platform that can be developed by developers of any level.

Here are the top 10 IOST Casinos DApps 

  1. IOSTWin

It gives the tough competition as it stands on top among the top 10 IOST Casinos DApps. IOST Win now offers a fixed mining cost which allows users to reap maximum profit. 

2. IOSTPlay

IOSTPlay marks itself as a next-generation gaming platform. Offering fun and provably fair gaming experiences and rewards community through a generous profit-sharing program, their goal is to be the most used DApp on any blockchain.

3. SOLOLink

SoloLink is a decentralized, safe and verifiable profit-sharing gambling game platform based on blockchain

4. Endless Game IOST

It is the first cross-chain profit-sharing gaming platform. It is the highest-yielding profit-sharing game on IOST. They provide provable, fairness and verifiable algorithms.

5. Mango

They offer a cross-Internet trusted, profit sharing and high-performance quiz experience. The blockchain DAPP is the ultimate solution for all the problems of traditional online quiz platforms and other online cryptocurrency casinos, including high fees, slow deposit/redemption and lack of trust. 

6. BlockArcade

The goal with BlockArcade is to emulate the traditional arcade experience, just on the decentralized web! This vision includes arcade tokens using IOST, tickets for prizes using a custom token called TIX, and a prize counter to spend your tickets! BlockArcade is a team of entrepreneurs with experience building and delivering end-user applications. In the past we’ve used Node.js, React/Redux, Electron, Go, C/C++, WebAssembly, and WordPress to build apps. After building on Ethereum we’re looking for something that will enable us to build real (user-friendly) applications today, and we believe that is IOST! 

7. IOSTVegas

IOSTVegas is an Online Casino based on IOST Blockchain

8. BetHash

Fair games based on blockchain Hash value. BetHash is the FAIREST Decentralized Crypto Casino Built on EOS, use hash to draw winning numbers to guarantee absolute Fairness

9. IOSTBid

IOST Bid is the first-ever, super fast and decentralized IOST bidding competition game!

10. iMiner

iMiner is a fair and fast decentralized IOST DApp


So, these are the top 10 IOST Casinos DApps that have ranked in the users’ list for the year 2019.

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Benefits of Blockchain Development

  • Provenance Tracking
  • Fraud Prevention & Compliance
  • Copyright Protection 
  • Proof of Ownership

Our IOST Blockchain developers assimilate these benefits to provide our clients with the best blockchain software services. Our blockchain DApps development services include STO Token Offering (STO) Services, Smart Contract Development Services, and Smart Contact Audit Services with our top clients as Geoverse, Howdoo, Kinect, GammaStack have attained a position to be the best blockchain development company in India.

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