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The Era of TRON Casino Dapps

TRON Casino Dapps

With the bleeding edge technologies that have surfaced over the internet, blockchain has gained massive attention due to its transparency and high-security encryption. Transactions have become much easier to eradicate all the different operational steps. Blockchain has given users a provable fair background to gamble, thus making it reliable. Users can see their monies transacting in real-time without any hassle.

TRON (TRX) gambling has taken off the internet in recent years. Many TRON casino dApps have launched in the market offering users a big place to enjoy a fun casino. Casino games like dice, rocket, roulette, slots, banker bull, blackjack and many more are supported by TRON. These dApps offer great potential to the users who are new to the casino and thus offer them great bonuses and money in the form of TRON casino dividends.

Talking about the major blockchain cryptocurrencies, TRON has attracted the dApp developers because of its ease of complexity. The TRON blockchain and its associated dApps have been gaining increasing attention in the blockchain ecosystem, Tron has become one of the largest blockchain platforms for Casino DApps and over the past 18 months Tron dApps have gained considerable attraction. 

TRON – A Game Changing Cryptocurrency

TRON is a blockchain operating system/platform for decentralized apps and was founded in Singapore by TRON CEO, Justin Sun. Originally sought to serve the entertainment industry has evolved to cover the dApp market. The main idea is to enable content producers to sell directly to consumers rather than using third-party app stores or other apps. The creators have all data in their relation to content.

The TRON main net was launched in June of 2018, however, it raised $70m of funding through an ICO in the fall of 2017.

New data shows that gambling has become a primary use case for the Tron blockchain.

Tron’s Progress by the Numbers

Tron’s latest numbers come from dApp Review when the website tweeted about spending on Tron dApps, which they say totaled over $11 million in a single 24-hour period. That spend came from over 70,000 users spending on the then 230 dApps.This number has just been growing as proven by the latest network stats.


Data source: DappTotal

Casino dApps contributed 3.9 billion USD of the total transaction value of TRON which was about 4.4 billion USD. Whether it’s transaction value, gameplay or user experience, Casino dApps on TRON blockchain have led the way across all other blockchains.


Image Source: DappReview


Data source: DappReview

In terms of the number of daily active users, Casino dApps undoubtedly have the largest, accounting for 60.81% of all users. These tokens are mainly traded on a decentralized exchange, which increased the user number of Exchange dApps, accounting for 10.93%. The development of Game dApps is relatively slow, and the user number has gradually declined since 2019, accounting for only 11.36%. There have been two High-Risk dApps outbreaks on the TRON platform.


Data source: DappReview


Data source: DappReview

In terms of transaction volume, Casino dApps once again demonstrated their dominance, accounting for 90.39%. And the exchanges account for 8.27%.

Why play at TRON casinos?

Playing at TRON casinos can be fruitful as it has got so many benefits that come along. TRON casinos give you many reasons that you can play them. Perhaps most importantly, these casinos are provably fairground. This indicates that you are not being scammed or tricked at casinos.

Crypto casinos are not likely the safest or the fairest places to play the. A large complaint records can be found of people claiming about the rigged games and casinos about stealing their money.

TRON – Casino DApps

Since TRON has come to the market, numerous DApps have been launched with an exponential rate. One of the reasons why people have gone crazy about the dApps, is it is practically impossible and exorbitant to attack such a vast network. The factor of being a secured network has definitely eradicated the trust issues, players have faces earlier with other cryptocurrencies.

Here is the list of Top 10 TRON Gaming Casinos DApps as per the

You can check the legitimacy of the casinos since they are based on decentralized TRON dApps with provably fair gameplay and are built using blockchain. TRX remains in the TRON wallet of the users, so the casinos will not run off with the money!

Similarly, there are many other advantages of TRON gambling DApps that have more weightage than other cryptocurrencies. Transaction over TRON blockchain is super fast, as the transaction per second is 2000 for TRON TRX which is almost next to the instant transactions. Other cryptocurrency that include Bitcoin and Ethereum you might waste your time, but will not face any time issue with TRX transaction.

TRON casinos also offer a wide range of fantastic games to play. There are a variety of games you can play using TRON cryptocurrency. These games include Dice, Crypto Slots, Gear of Fortune, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and many more

TRON – Safety and Legitimation

TRON casinos are generally decentralized. This means they are controlled by smart contracts on the TRON blockchain, not by a single individual or organization. This ensures great insurance and guarantees that the games are fair and you don’t lose your TRX.

It might come to your notice that TRON casinos may shut down their operations without any prior information or notice. In this case, you might lose your money if you have made any investment in the token.

TRON Casinos are meant to be the safest cryptocurrency to play casinos till date.

TRON – Popularity and Gambling?

TRON gambling has become immensely popular over the last few years. There have been tremendous records of the daily active users in the most successful TRON casinos which itself is a great vote of confidence in the product. 

There has been no limits to the TRX tokens that are gambled across TRON Dapps every week. Indeed, in the first quarter of 2019, more than $1 billion in TRON was gambled in total.

The number is surely going to increase as  more people are getting engaged with TRON Casino gambling.

Undoubtedly, TRON founder Justin Sun, in particular, has been a catalyst to the growth of this sector.

In Conclusion

However, TRON has indeed made a large impact in the blockchain programmable space. It has been around for less than 2 years, but has made a major impact in such a small time and could be considered by some measures to have the strongest ecosystem of any blockchain.
It is certainly making waves in the dApp space, capturing 3 of the top ten dApps and outperforming other dApp platforms in terms of users, transactions, or both.

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