SiGMA Europe : An Awaited Gaming Festival of 2021

The Europe summit, SiGMA Europe has been postponed to April now. It was planned on 17-19 of November in 2020 but for ensuring safety as well as well being of the attendees in the event, it has been moved to 13-15 April, 2021. SiGMA Europe summit aims at bringing together individuals as well as key brands from varying sectors of Quantum Tech, AI, IoT, Blockchain and various other emerging technologies for discussing as well as shaping the future of the entire industry. It is a perfect floor for world class exhibitors, new businesses and other industry people to learn about the trends and innovations in the industry. The event is going to make headlines as the greatest event of the 2021 gaming calendar to be held on 13-15 April , 2021.

About SiGMA Group

SiGMA is one of the most quintessential destinations of iGaming which helps in elevating the in-person networking as well as interaction while featuring the trending content. It is also known for being the latest iGaming news’s purveyor.

Why Event Got Postponed to April?

As well all know, COVID-19 has led to global lockdown and has severely impacted various industries globally. COVID-19 has proved to be a severe health concern for the people worldwide. SiGMA Group focuses on welfare as well as health of its guests, employees, exhibitors and speakers. Thus they made a wise decision of moving the event from 2020 to 2021 that is in line with the inaugural upcoming events that are getting launched across the Americas and Asia. After the release of vaccine Pfizer BioNTech by UK in December 2020, the event of SiGMA Group has been moved from February to April. Thus, the event will now be held at Malta from 13-15 April, 2021. Eman Pulis, the founder of SiGMA Group said that the event of SiGMA 2020 was about to take place in the month of November and the show was also sold out. He said that they were super excited for the edition which was about to take place but due to COVID-19, they decided for postponement of the event for the next 3 months. He also extended gratitude for the exhibitors who readily agreed for moving their participation in the event.

About the Event

SiGMA Europe aims at embracing the individuals as well as key brands from myriad sections including Quantum Tech, AI, IoT and blockchain for discovering new opportunities in the industry and learning about new innovations. Various shows have evidence that investment and development opportunities have emerged significantly due to gaming as well as technology sectors cross pollination. SiGMA also aims at merging these two brands in a single platform through this super show to be held in April 2021.

Date : 13-15 April, 2021
At : MFCC, Malta

By: SiGMA Group
Powered By : Pragmatic Play
Website :

SiGMA Europe

COVID -19 Safety Arrangements for the Attendees of SiGMA Europe 2021

  • Plethora of measures will be taken for running up the physical show while focusing on making sales and payments for tickets online. An app creation is done for pre booking of meetings by delegates.
  • Regular notifications will be received by attendees to remind them about safety behaviour in the event along with enabling them for accessing the live streaming channels across social media.
  • Venue will possess clear signage of safety rules of COVID-19, registration points will be located outside entrance, corridors will be wider and a seating arrangement will also be included in conference guidelines which will be accomodating social distancing measures. All podiums as well as mics will get cleaned after each speaker in the event.
  • There will be certain additional regulations for the exhibitor stands including restricted number of persons in each stand for ensuring social distancing.
  • Exhibitors who are unable to attend will be getting benefitted with a virtual expo experience.
SiGMA Europe

Insights of the Event

  • SiGMA Europe is an innovative expo that was about to take place on 24th & 25th of November, 2020 but due to COVID-19 and global lockdown concerns, it has been shifted to April, 2021.
  • Multiple trends about the tech and gaming sphere in Europe will be covered in the expo which can bring unrivalled amendments which are never witnessed in this sector. Thus, it's a wonderful opportunity for speeding up with the innovations and developments that are happening with the speed of light in the industry.
  • Combination of AIBC and SiGMA brands has been done after extensive research for bringing a one-stop destination for new affiliation reality, marketing reality, evolving faces of sportsbook, emerging tech and much more.
  • You can enter this first gaming conference of 2021 and explore the amazing expo possessing 150 renowned exhibitors who will bring innovative ideas digitally and you can also access informative knowledge from nearly 100 speakers with a higher level of industry expertise. You can also get the wonderful opportunity of connecting and debating with 5000 fellow attendees at the event.
  • This major iGaming event of the year 2021 will undoubtedly introduce new innovative layers for the iGaming business community and will be helpful for them in re-inventing their offerings as per market trends.

Why Should you Participate in SiGMA Europe?


Three crucial verticals namely affiliates, suppliers and operators will be embraced by SiGMA and the event will be highly useful for getting a deeper understanding about the ongoing industry trends.


SiGMA event mainly occurs at two crucial gaming hubs namely Manila, hub in Asia & Malta, hub in Europe. Due to PAGCOR and MGA in Philippines and Malta respectively, establishment of offices are enabled for multiple gaming companies through a regulatory framework. They can also operate legally in the two jurisdictions.


Both large expos i.e. AIBC and SiGMA are emerging in a single platform thereby pushing boundaries for new learnings. Keynote speakers and experts in FinTech, Blockchain, IoT, AI, Quantum computing and Big Data are expected to enlighten regarding future opportunities.

About Attendees

SiGMA Europe

Gaming Conference’s Scalability

Sigma Gaming has proved to be one of the most crucial iGaming conferences since year 2014. Along with the exhibition’s European division, such similar events also occur in South and North America, Asia and Africa . Count of speakers and events always prove to be surprising for gaming industry representatives. For instance, in 2019, over 400 iGaming companies heads attended the Sigma Conference, 12,000+ visitors and 200 speakers from worldwide. The number is expected to raise in the upcoming year 2021.

Expected Program of Events

SiGMA EUROPE 2021 to be held at Malta will not only cover a gambling exhibition & useful speeches by the experts but a program of events is also planned which will include different iGaming events such as :-
  • Deep tech summit of SiGMA
  • SiGMA Pitch : start-up competition
  • Affiliate grand slam club
  • Malta Gaming Awards

Awards for the Outstanding Participants

SiGMA Europe’s award ceremony is one of the most awaited parts of the conference which not only aims at awarding the best firms but also raising funds for SiGMA foundation which help a variety of charitable projects via the financial resources which are received. Following awards can be received by iGaming affiliate conference participants:
  • Most popular live project
  • Best online gaming portal in Europe
  • Best game content provider
  • Best bookmaker website

Discussion About Affiliate Marketing Issues

The events calendar of iGaming business affiliate comprises of the multiple meetings as well as presentations. Participating in this grand event will bring multiple benefits for businessmen:-
  • Opportunities for selling affiliate businesses as a great base of potential clients will be provided by organizers for the entrepreneurs.
  • Chances of cooperation from popular affiliates as the renowned partner program's participants will be attending the conference.
  • There will be enhanced possibilities of finding new partners and affiliates can also explore opportunities of collaborating with the most promising brands of the industry.
SiGMA Europe

Brownie Points About the Event

Being first and one of the most awaited gaming conferences of 2021, SiGMA Europe got characterised by various business development opportunities in Europe:-
  • Awards for outstanding companies
  • Popular European brands stands presentation
  • Discussion about advanced technologies topics
  • Affiliate events for iGaming businesses

About Audiences

  • Affiliates
  • Remote Gaming associations and operators
  • C-Level Executives
  • Land-based operators
  • Industry suppliers and vendors
  • Consultancy and accountancy firms
  • Skill game, lottery,sports betting and racing representatives
  • Social media innovators
  • B2B software providers
  • Legal firms
  • Regulators
  • Media & communications firms
  • Related government entities
  • Business angels
  • Financial institutions
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Marketing firms
  • Digital Games representatives

Guidelines for Speakers

  • You need to ensure that you possess a suitable identified speaker before submission of your request.
  • Conference sessions might cover topics such as jurisdiction in Europe, Malta and overseas, legal issues, affiliate, taxation, emerging trends, social media, etc.
  • Travel expenses to be taken care of by the speakers and they are entitled for free entrance to the conference.
  • Session moderators must be consulted by the speakers for arrival times and rehearsals
  • Locations as well as conference session timings will get listed in the scheduled conference section online.
  • Recordings of panel discussions as well as presentations of the conferences will be done and made available after the event.

Floorplan of the Event

SIGMA 2021 -Floorplan of the Event

Past SiGMA Events

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GammaStack at SiGMA Europe 2021

GammaStack is also registering its presence at SiGMA Europe 2021 for exploring new layers of innovation and for getting fruitful knowledge and updates about the gaming industry from the experts of the industry. It would be really grateful for us to have an exchange of ideas with different attendees and to learn about the industry trends and innovations from the expert speakers possessing great level of expertise in the iGaming industry. Our team is super excited to be a part of this expo so that we can enhance our knowledge and skills along with doing innovative add-ons to our iGaming offerings which will eventually prove to be beneficial for our valuable clients. You can shake hands with us at SiGMA Europe and take a deeper dive into our innovative iGaming offerings including sports betting software development, fantasy sports software development, esports software development, online casino software solutions and services, online lottery software development, etc. We cover a myriad of solutions including white label, turnkey, custom development, etc so that our clients can choose the solution that suits their business model.

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