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Racebook Software Provider

Racebook Software Provider

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Best-in-Class Racebook Software

Worried about launching your new racebook? Have questions like where to find a development team, payment integrations and much more? Well, GammaStack is your one-stop destination for the world’s best racebook software. We aim at building racebook software solutions that are highly equipped with features to attract a global audience. Our developers who hold years of experience in creating racebook software and solutions are well-equipped with technical acumen to deliver scalable and robust racebook software. With us, all you need to do is focus on your marketing objectives, we will handle all your technical requirements and this makes us the best racebook software provider in the world.
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Perks of Our Racebook Software


Bespoke Graphics & APIs

GammaStack is the racebook software provider which gets you amazing API support added with unique graphics to attract punters more.


Instant Market Time

GammaStack is the top racebook software provider which provides instant and easy launch of your solutions before time.


Custom/Bespoke Development

The racebook software solutions can be customized and developed as bespoke for the integration of unique tools and systems.


Risk Management

We integrate high-risk management tools into our racebook software to provide a safe and secure platform.


Engaging UI/UX

Offer engaging experiences to your punters with the effectively crispy UI and UX designs we cater to.


Odds Feeds & Controls

From European (decimal), British (fractional), and American (money line), convert your odds for easy betting.


Multicurrency Benefits

Domestic currency, international currencies, cryptos, fiats, and many more; our racebook software supports all currency types.


No Revenue Share

At GammaStack, we follow a zero or no revenue share model to ensure that you do not pay anything extra for services.


24*7 Service

Our customer care representatives are always available to help and guide your customers ensuring a seamless experience.


Diverse Racing Markets

Cover different and as many racing or betting markets as you can with the diverse solution we provide for international reach and gaming enthusiasm.


Multilingual Aids

As a top racebook software provider, GammaStack offers solutions accessibility in multiple languages for easy international reach and usage.

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Know About Panel System We Add To Racebook Solutions

For users’ comfort and convenience, we add all features in one place or panel for quick access
Design and Development

Player Registration

Regular Notifications and Offers - White Label Rugby Betting Software

Bet Information

Hockey Betting Software - Privacy and Personalization

Settings & Security

Volume Management of Markets

Sports & Markets Catalogue

Retail/Bet shop Solution

Retail Bet Shop

Real-time Chat Support

Customer Support

Betting markets and bet types covered

Betting Guidelines

Fantasy Sports Integrated Wallet Management System

Payments & Wallet

Pool Betting Software - Multi-Lingual support

Language Options

As a racebook software provider, GammaStack provides a bookie or agent panel that comes with amazing management tools like
Live Data feed

User Accounts Management

Pool Betting Software - Multiple bets

Bets Management

Calendar and Schedule

Calendars & Schedules

ServiceNow Development - Field Service Management

Player Management

Customer Support

Customer Support

Hockey Betting Software - Privacy and Personalization

Security & Controls

Finance Management

Finance Settlements

Odds and Sports Data Integration

Odds Management

Effective administration is the key to success, and hence our admin panel comes with features like
Easy to use CMS

Content Management (CMS)

Finance Management

Finance Management

Sports Betting App Account Panel

Data Management System

Customer Support

Customer Support

Advance Risk Management

Risk Management

fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard


User Accounts

User Registration & Accounts

Sports Betting App Bookmaker Management Panel

Settings & Bet Management

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Attributes of Our Racebook Software

Quick Registration
Provide users with a racebook that allows them to quickly and easily set up their accounts on the platform.
Live Wagering
Punters can place live wagers on the racebook software and help them to compare their old bets.
Wagers Tracking System
The wager tracking system provided by the best racebook software provider enables users to track the wagers that they have placed on the platform.
Single Account
One account for multiple betting enables users to switch between betting and racebook without having to change the password.
Live Stream
Live stream of all the races is displayed on the racebook in HD quality to ensure users didn’t miss a single opportunity.
Comprehensive Administration
GammaStack is the racebook software provider which provides an admin dashboard to easily manage multiple jockeys, horses and back-office from a single place.
Information Management Tools
Get the most relevant information about horses, jockeys and much more from the software provided by racebook software provider – GammaStack.
Different Wagers
Multiple wagers are supported by our racebook software including single, double, flag and much more.
Payment Gateways
Integrate multiple payment gateways in the racebook to provide users with different payment methods.
Betting Types
As your trusted racebook software provider, we add a variety of betting types to our platforms like straights, futures, each way, parimutuels, etc.
Different Horse Races
Multiple horse racing tracks are supported by our racebook software including the USA, UK, France and many other countries.
Advanced Analytics
Users get all the advanced analytics and reports that help them in placing wagers on the racebook platform.
Risk Management
Our racebook software ensures that users’ data and other crucial information are risk-free and all the transactions they make are secured and safe.
Manual Event Creation
Gamblers can easily create manual events on the racebook software hence inviting their friends to play along with their own rules.
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These Racebook Software Templates Are Trending!

Sports betting software

SportsBetting software

Sports betting software

Custom SportsBetting software

Sports betting software

White Label SportsBetting software

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Racebook Software Provider: Sports Catalogue

As a leading racebook platform provider, GammaStack provides the best-in-industry racebook software solutions added with multiple sports choices such as
Fantasy Cricket Software


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Bet Types Offered By Racebook Software Provider



Place four or more bets in different outcomes of events in a way that they are tied to make one bet, which gives a win if all bets are won separately.


Straight Bet

One of the most commonly used bet style, this uses a single bet on an outcome of the event which can give a direct win if favourable outcomes are received.



As the name suggests, this bet type is placed for future situations predicted to happen, such as the winner of the tournament, or championship winner.



A version greater than doubles, trebles use three bets in outcomes of an event, and winning all three is needed for final outcome.

Traditional Bets


The double bet type uses two bets in two events, where winning both is important for the final result.



This betting style requires the prediction of the first six outcomes in chronological order, and all predictions need to go right for the final win.



Used mostly in racing arenas, the betting style is based on predicting the first and second player or results in order, and the right prediction offers the win.



Similar yet an advanced version of exacta, the superfecta bet type predicts the first, second, third, and fourth results to win the bet.

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Popular Racing Tracks Our Racebook Supports

uk horse racing tracks

UK Racing Tracks

USA horse racing tracks

USA Racing Tracks

UAE horse racing tracks

UAE Racing Tracks

japan horse racing tracks

Japan Racing Tracks

Australia horse racing tracks

Australia Racing Tracks

France horse racing tracks

France Racing Tracks

and many more

and many more

Racebook Platform Development Process We Follow

Requirement Generation
Requirement Analysis
Planning & Analysis
Planning & Prototyping
Allocating Resources
Allocating Resources
Front-end Development
Front-end Development
Back-end Development
Back-end Development
Racebook Customizations
Racebook Customizations
3rd Party Configuration
3rd Party Configuration
Quality Testing & Evaluation
Quality Verification
  Racebook Software Launch
Racebook Software Launch
Post-Launch Activities
Post-Launch Activities
Marketing & Upgradation
Marketing Aids
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Innovative & Unique Solutions
100% Custom Services
Full Cryptocurrency Support
On-demand Staffing Benefits
Quality Solutions Ensured
GammaStack is known for its feature-rich racebook software that is highly equipped with state-of-the-art integrations and payment methods. With our 8+ years of iGaming experience, we have delivered our racebook software to clients across the globe. Our aim at GammaStack is to ensure a high-quality racebook platform and sportsbook to take your online betting business to the next level.

FAQs - Racebook Software Provider

1. What is racebook software?

Racebook software is a type of software used in online horse racing and other race betting. It provides a platform for users to place bets on horse races and manage their betting activities.

2. What are the key features of racebook software?

The key features of good racebook software include: live horse racing odds, access to past performance data, wide betting options, user account management, secure payment options, mobile compatibility, and a user-friendly interface.

3. What services does a good racebook software provider offer?

A leading racebook software provider offers a comprehensive solution for online horse racing betting. This includes a fully customizable or even a readymade platform with features such as live odds, real-time race updates, betting options, secure payment options, and more.

4. What are the benefits of using trusted racebook software solutions?

The benefits of using good racebook software include increased revenue through the online platform, access to a larger customer base, real-time updates, secured payments, a wide range of betting options, etc.

5. Which is better: A custom racebook software or readymade?

Well, this depends on the type of software, expectations, requirements, and budget of the gaming operator. A custom racebook platform can serve more uniqueness and personal effect whereas a ready-to-use solution can let you enter the market quickly.

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