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PokerStars Software

PokerStars Software

PokerStars Software with Requisite and Advanced Features

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State of the Art & Advanced PokerStars Software

If you are looking for a well-known company which can offer you feature rich and advanced online Poker software similar to PokerStars software then you must consider GammaStack and get a state of the art online Poker platform. Our online Poker software covers all the latest and requisite functionalities which offers your players an enticing gaming experience.

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Perks of our PokerStars Clone Software


Multilingual Support

Our Poker software supports multiple languages such as English, French, Italian and many more.


Multiple Device Compatibility

Our online Poker platform is compatible on various devices and browsers such as PC, mobile, laptop, etc.


On-demand Customisations

All the on-demand customisations in our online poker software can be done according to your needs.


Cryptocurrency Support

Various types of cryptocurrencies such as Etheruem, Litecoin, SOL, Bitcoin, etc are supported in our online Poker platform.


Fully Secure Platform

Our software is completely secure and we also ensure responsible gaming for your players on our platform.


Customisable UI/UX

UI/UX or design of our online Poker software can be customised as per your needs.

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Highlights of our Poker Software

Different Poker Game Variants
Different Poker game variants such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Stud, Razz, etc are supported in our software.
Quick Withdrawals
Your users can do quick withdrawals of funds in an easy and secure manner on our online Poker platform.
Deposit Limit
Your players can manage their budget and play within their predefined limits in our Poker software.
Back Office System
Back office system in our online Poker software helps in handling and managing online Poker game platform operations.
Multiple Payment Options
Your players can have safe transactions through payment systems of their choice.
Bonus System
Retention of players can be done by you through a bonus and rewards system in our Poker software.
Game History Video Playback
Video playback can be checked of the game history in our online Poker game software.
Various Tournaments
Freeroll, satellite, progressive knockout, freezeout and different other tournament types are supported in our software.
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Our Poker Software Development Cycle

Needs identification and analysis
Requirements elicitation
Designing of Poker game software UI/UX
Designing of UI/UX of software
Designing of UI/UX of software
Implementing Poker game features
Implementing Poker game features
Doing on-demand customisations
Doing on-demand customisations
Doing on-demand customisations
Testing of software
Business environment creation
Business environment creation
 Final launch of software
Final launch of software
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Fully custom Poker software
Ready to launch Poker platform
Timely delivery of work
Blockchain expertise

GammaStack provides state of the art and feature wrapped online Poker software similar to Pokerstars software integrated with all the latest functionalities. We can do all the customisations required by you and can also design user friendly and fully bespoke software as per your brand requirements. Our team of experienced Poker software developers integrate all the useful and trending game features for offering an amazing Poker gaming experience to your players.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you build online Poker software similar to Pokerstars software?

Yes, we can build online Poker software similar to Pokerstars software.

2. Can your online Poker game software be customised?

Yes, our online Poker game software can be customised.

3. Which Poker tournament types are supported in your online Poker software?

Freeroll, progressive knockout, etc Poker tournament types are supported in our online Poker software.

4. Which Poker game modes are supported in your online Poker software?

Jump, shootout, stingo, hold’em, etc Poker game modes are supported in our online Poker software.

5. Is the admin system supported in your Poker software?

Yes, the admin system is supported in our Poker software.

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