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Lottery Pool Software

GammaStack can offer you an exclusive lottery pool software for boosting the growth of your online lottery business.

    Profit Booster Online Lottery Pool Software

    Lottery pools are basically a group of lottery players who chip in their money for buying the lottery tickets along with a mutual agreement of splitting the money if they win the lottery game. It always proves to be a beneficial concept for players as well as online lottery operators. The lottery pool software offered by GammaStack is a unique and feature rich platform that comes integrated with all the requisite and trending functionalities that enhance your user’s lottery pool gaming experience and provide them better winning odds. Our team strives hard to meet the exact requirements of clients and deliver them the lottery pool software that is exactly built as per their expectations.

    Key Benefits of our Online Lottery Pool Software

    Better Winning Odds

    Every player cannot afford to purchase multiple lottery tickets at a time thus online lottery pools prove to be a perfect way of investing a lump sum amount of money and getting better winning odds.

    Rare Chances of Complete Losses

    As multiple tickets are being purchased so there are less chances of no returns on investments and there are increased probabilities of getting at least the minimum investment amount even in the worst weeks.

    No Photocopies

    There are no hassles of taking out the photocopy of the paper lottery tickets as your players can get the online lottery tickets which are completely locked and are safe for the players.

    Boost the Engagement of Business

    By including this unique lottery pooling concept in your online lottery business, you can drive more audience towards your business and enhance the revenue of your business.

    SEO Friendly Platform

    Our online lottery pool software is perfectly optimized with all the necessary SEO aspects by our team of SEO professionals who make the platform SEO friendly to help it get better relevance on search engines.

    Multi-lingual Support

    The multi-lingual support on our Online Lottery Software helps you to engage the audience belonging to different geographic locations and make it easy for them to use your platform.

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    Features of our Online Lottery Pool Platform

    Create and Manage Lottery Pool

    Your players can easily create as well as manage the lottery pools consisting of multiple lottery players as per their choice on our online lottery pool software .

    Lottery Pool Manager

    The lottery pool manager in our Custom Online Lottery Software makes it easy to manage multiple players belonging to different lottery pools and thei gaming activities on the platform.

    Locked Tickets

    All the lottery tickets on our platform are locked and get unlocked only after the final draw for ensuring that there are no cases on tampering in tickets or disputes among the players.

    Multiple Pools Management

    The lottery pool software comprises of multiple pools consisting of multiple players. Our lottery pool software makes it easy for you to do the management of these pools of players in a convenient manner.

    Automated Notifications

    The pool members get automatic notifications regarding the various lottery pool activities to keep them updated about the status of their lottery pools and allowing every member to decide whether they want to participate in the lottery pools or not. .

    Activity Updates

    The admin is not required to chase every player as our online lottery pool software automatically keeps each player of the lottery pool well informed about the latest activities of the pool.

    Ticket Checking

    Our online lottery pool software facilitates instant checking, verifying and reporting of all the tickets to the active lottery pool members immediately after the lottery draw.

    Proven RNG System

    A proven and well tested random number generator or RNG module is present in our online lottery pool software for ensuring the entire gameplay is fair enough for all the players participating in a pool.

    Live Streaming of Lottery Draws

    To keep the entire process completely transparent and fair for your players, the live streaming of the lottery draws is enabled in our lottery pool software.

    Social Sharing

    The social sharing feature of our online lottery pool software enables your players to share their winning experience with the other people in their community through the social sharing feature of our platform.

    Cross Platform Support

    Our online lottery pool platform is compatible on various platforms and the users with different devices including mobile, desktop, tablet, etc can quickly and conveniently access the platform.

    Multiple Payment Gateways

    Our online lottery software comes integrated with multiple secure and reliable payment options which enable your players to do the payment through their preferred option.

    Major Cryptocurrencies Support

    Our online lottery pool software supports multiple major cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, Ether, Ripples, etc for enabling your players to do quick as well as secure transactions.

    Admin Dashboard

    The admin dashboard enables the admin to keep track and stay updated with the lottery game analytics on the platform and to centrally manage the crucial activities such as game management, player management and much more.

    Need More Features?

    Lottery Pool Mobile App Development

    Our lottery pool mobile app development solutions are the most demanded and trending solutions as most of the players nowadays prefer mobile gaming. The mobile using audiences find it convenient to enjoy their favorite lottery game on their fingertips. Our mobile application development experts have higher level of expertise in all the cutting edge technologies and are thus able to deliver the most advanced and fully functional online lottery pool mobile app for your business. We ensure that your players having different platforms can easily access our online lottery mobile app, thus we offer lottery pool mobile apps for the platforms including :-
    Esports Streaming iOS App
    Esports Streaming Android App

    How does our Lottery Pool Software Works?

    Lottery Pools are mostly created by the people with similar mindsets who aim at investing in some particular lottery games but have lack of money to buy multiple tickets and enhance their winning chances.Thus they prefer to opt for the online lottery pools where they have low risk of losing anything and can get better odds of winning the lottery game. The main objective behind lottery pools is the winning and every participant getting an equal share of the winning amount. Our lottery pool software has all the necessary features through which your players can easily pool their money and the prize money gets distributed in equal proportions as per the investments by individual players. Our lottery pool software is perfectly equipped with the functionalities which allow fair lottery pooling and impartial distribution of the winning amounts among the every player who participated in a particular lottery pool.

    Our Online Lottery Pool Software Development Process

    Requirement Elicitation Gammastack

    1. Requirement Gathering

    The requirements of the clients are gathered by our team which are then analyzed in detail to recommend the most suitable and beneficial solution for it.

    FIFA Tournament Management Software - Brand Loyalty

    2. Project Prototyping

    Project prototyping is done by our project manager to ensure the entire project flow remains streamlined.

    Task Allocation

    3. Planning

    The planning of the specific tasks are done by the project manager as per the deadlines set by the client.

    Sports Betting Exchange Software Designing

    4. Task Allocation

    The individual tasks are allocated to the specific teams so that they can work in parallel and complete the task on time.

    Sports Betting Exchange Software Development

    5. Designing

    The designing of the software is done in an innovative and creative manner by our team of expert designers.

    QA & Testing Sports Betting Exchange Software

    6. Development

    The developers integrate all the necessary features in the lottery pool software to ensure that your players have an exciting gaming experience.

    Quick Time to Market - Fantasy Sports Software

    7. On-demand Customizations

    The on-demand customizations are done in the software as per the specific requirements of the clients.

    Gammastack Marketing Assistance


    The online lottery pool software is well tested to detect and fix the bugs in the platform.

    Understanding the Objective Gammastack

    9. Marketing Support

    The necessary marketing support is provided by our marketing experts to ensure that your platform performs well on the search engines.

    Fantasy Esports Launching and Marketing

    10. Final Launch

    The online lottery pool software is ready to be launched !

    Seamless Customizations
    Unparalleled Lottery Pool Software

    Why GammaStack

    Completely Updated with Industry Trends
    Dedicated and Experience Team of Professionals
    GammaStack is known for providing the feature rich and ultra modern online lottery pool software that is integrated with multiple trending and requisite features which facilitate an easy lottery gaming experience. Whether its about integration of secure payment gateways or features which enable convenient lottery pool gaming, our online lottery pool software has got you covered for all of your requirements.

    Awards and mentions

    Silicon India Company of the Year
    Emerging experts in Blockchain ETHDenver
    3rd ranked among 1000 entries in IBW Blockchain hackathon
    Keynote Speakers in Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain Conference
    Brand Leadership Award by best brand awards, India
    Keynote Speakers in BFC APAC-Singapore Conference
    Rising Star 2019 Award
    Premium Usability 2019 Award


    Gaming Laboratory International
    Gambling Commission
    Malta Gaming Authority
    Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
    General Data Protection Regulation


    U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    Florida State Golf Association INC
    All India Gaming Federation

    Data Partners

    Stats Api Integration
    Betradar API Integration
    Goal Serve API Integration
    Exe Feed API Integration
    Fantasy Data API Integration
    Sportradar API Integration
    LSports API Integration
    Slotegrator API Integration

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    Payment Gateway

    First Data - Payment Gateway Integration
    Merchant Scout
    Ikajo - Payment Gateway Integration

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