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GammaStack offers you proven and well-tested RNG based lottery solutions which ensure you about the game fairness on your platform.

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Fair and Transparent RNG Based Lottery Solutions

GammaStack has gained great recognition for offering RNG based online lottery solutions which ensure your users about the transparency and fairness of gaming operations on your online lottery platform. RNG systems do a quick pick of a random number based on the size of the lottery and the number of lottery tickets. This software displays the total numbers to be played and the possible winning combinations of the numbers. The RNG based lottery systems always prove to be transparent and fair enough for the players and help the online lottery operators to gain the reliability of their users and enhance their retention rate on the platform.

Perks of our RNG Based Lottery Solutions

Fairness in Gameplay

The RNG based lottery solutions are completely fair solutions that do not involve any human intervention for tampering the results of the lottery games. It randomly picks the numbers and ensures complete impartiality in the gameplay.


Full transparency is maintained in the gaming operations carried out on our online lottery platform due to RNG systems which ensure that the processes are completely honest and visible to everyone.

Gain User’s Reliability

You can gain the reliability of users on your platform by offering them a fraud-free and completely fair lottery gaming environment on your RNG based lottery software.

No Risks of Frauds or Data Tampering

The RNG lottery solutions are completely protected as well as integrated with suitable algorithms and encryptions which ensure that there are cases of data tampering and frauds.

Equal Chance of Winning for Every Player

RNG systems bring fairness and transparency thereby offering an equal chance of winning to every participating lottery player.

Type of Random Number Generator Used in our Online Lottery Solutions

Mainly there are two categories of RNG systems:-
Hardware Random Number Generators are mainly used in land based lottery systems. It is basically a device which produces random numbers through a physical process rather than through the algorithm. These devices often rely on the microscopic phenomenon which generate statistically random, low-level noise signals like thermal noise or any other quantum phenomenon.
Our online lottery system uses a pseudorandom number generator. It is a program code that uses mathematical algorithms in some particular order as it is settled by the developer. The algorithm calculates the next outcome that stays completely independent of the previous outcome. As the player presses the start button for the gameplay, the RNG system starts processing and the appearing symbols combination stays undetermined till the final outcome. Anticipation of the outcomes are the difficult operations as they are well protected with the encryptions and are hard to crack thereby bringing fairness and zero risks of tampering to our online lottery software.

How our RNG Based Lottery Software Works?

With a certain basic number as starting point, the next value is calculated by the generator through some applied algorithm and as the outcome comes, it becomes the next starting point or basic number that is used by the algorithm. The process goes on and repeats without pausing. The RNG systems are proven, well tested and comply with necessary gambling regulations thereby ensuring integrity of the operations on the platform. As per the number of lottery tickets, there are different options including:-
  • Quick Pick
  • Random Pick
from cold or hot numbers, etc.

Features of our RNG Based Lottery Solutions

Proven RNG Systems

The proven RNG systems in our online lottery solutions ensure that the entire gameplay is fair and completely impartial for the players coming on your platform.

Different Lottery Pools/ Contests

A variety of lottery pools or contests are held in our online lottery platform for engagement of the users and for enhancing their retention rate on the platform.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard in our online lottery software enables the admin to manage and monitor multiple crucial gaming operations including game management, finance management, player management and much more.

Cross Platform Support

Our RNG lottery solutions come with cross platform support which means that your users can conveniently access the platform from any device including mobile, tablet or laptop.

Fiat & Cryptocurrency Payment Options

Our RNG based lottery software supports multiple payment gateways which includes fiat as well as cryptocurrency payment options including Bitcoin, Ether and many more.

P2P Referral System

The P2P referral system in our online lottery software enables players to earn bonuses by referring platform to the other users thereby enhancing the engagement on your platform.

Wallet System

The wallet system in our online lottery software makes the transaction process easy as well as quick for your users and it can also prove to be beneficial for your businesses as users usually prefer reusing wallet amounts for other games on the platform.

On-demand Customizations

On-demand customizations are done on the platform as per your specific requirements of additional features, brand specific user interfaces and much more.

Exciting Game Types

Various exciting online lottery game types are supported on our platform including Lotto Games, Powerball, Bingo, Mega Millions, Keno System, Raffle System and many more.

Need More Features?

Our Lottery Number Generator Software Development Cycle

Requirement Elicitation Gammastack

1. Requirement Gathering

Specific requirements of clients are gathered and analyzed by our team of experts who thereafter suggest the most precise solution as per client’s needs.

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2. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is done for ensuring the precise details to be covered in the online lottery software.

Task Allocation


The entire project is planned by our project manner while keeping in mind the deadlines defined by the clients.

Sports Betting Exchange Software Designing

4. Designing

Creative designers at our place design the lottery platform in an innovative and exclusive manner.

Sports Betting Exchange Software Development

5. Development

The Online Lottery Software is developed by employing cutting edge technologies and is implemented with all the necessary functionalities.

QA & Testing Sports Betting Exchange Software

6. RNG System Implementation

Our team implements the proven and well tested RNG system in the online lottery software for ensuring fair gaming operations.

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7. Testing

The software is well tested by our team of expert testers for ensuring that it is bug free.

Gammastack Marketing Assistance

8. Marketing Support

Required marketing guidance and support is provided by our team of marketing experts.

Fantasy Esports Launching and Marketing

9. Final Delivery

The RNG based online lottery software is ready to be launched !

On-demand Customizations
Fair & Transparent Lottery Solution

Why is GammaStack

Dedicated & Skilled Team of Experts
Relevant Industry Experience and Expertise

GammaStack is known for offering top of the line RNG based online lottery software solutions for your business. Whether its about the fairness in the gaming operations or unbiased combinations of numbers for winning outcomes, our RNG based lottery solutions have got all of them covered in a perfect manner. We ensure that we meet the exact needs of clients in the most perfect manner.

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