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Full-Fledged Live Slot Games Development

Ready to take the slot adventure to the next level? We, at GammaStack, have come up with the most trending live slot game development service, crafted specifically to entice players with never-seen-before slot games and features. The live slot game solutions we cater comes with all unique tools and features that makes gaming for your players an extra-adventurous journey. From planning to selection of themes, art, designs, animations, effects, audio, and everything to their final bespoke deployment; GammaStack has everything to offer in one stop.

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Readymade Slot Games For Your Portfolio

Classic Slots

Classic Slots

Made using the mechanical reel systems, it consists of three, four, five, six, or seven reels in general - depending on what you need.

Virtual Reality Slots

Virtual Slots

The VR slots let you dissolve into the virtual world of slots where visual and auditory stimuli makes the games more adventurous.

Penny Slot

Penny Slots

Play with lower amount of money on lower risks, which eventually gives happy returns at the end - just as the other normal slot games.

Mobile Slot

Mobile Slots

Advance your live slot games by taking them to remote locations using the mobile slots for anytime and anywhere enjoyment.

3D Slots

3D Slots

Elevated with the alluring 3D effects, the live slot games development offers 3D slot for a more attractive gameplay.


Crypto Slots

Why play with tokens and currencies only when you can trade using cryptocurrencies of choice for higher benefits?

Video Slots Online Casino Games

Video Slots

Added with attractive slots designs, animations, and effects; the video slot games offer the benefits of attraction to players.

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Added Perks Of Live Slot Games Development


Skilled Team For Hire

From live slot game designers, artists, animators, mathematicians, developers, and even marketers; our team has all skills for ease staffing and development.



Get your live slot game solutions developed from scratch to end and even continuous upgradation benefits with our 100% bespoke services.


3rd Party Systems

Whether back office, wallets, RNGs, or else; our live slot games can be integrated with third party tools and systems of your choice.


Ready-to-Launch Benefits

For an easily deployable live slot game development, GammaStack has the best readymade slot solutions to offer for quick launch.


From Scratch Development

From planning of the slot games and themes to their designing, animation, maths, development, monitoring and even marketing, we do all.


Live Prizes & Giveaways

Offer your players the real-time perks, bonuses, rewards, and giveaways for each milestone achieved for more engagement.


Geo-Localised Themes

Personalise live slot games for your players by designing platforms with geo-local preferences and trends.


Choosable Tech Stack

Flexible opt for the front-end and back-end technologies for your live slot game development for a complete custom development.


Open Source Code

GammaStack provides open source code tool, accessible from the back-end, to let operators partially or fully control their game consoles.


Worldwide Payments

For a global reach of your live slot games, GammaStack offers the aids of international payments to keep players coming.


100% Owned Slots

GammaStack believes in no royalty or revenue sharing, and therefore offers fully owned slot game platform.



For the live slot game development to be taken across borders, our multilingual tool lets you toggle between languages of choice.


Amazing User Interface

Offer the best experience to players using top-of-the-line UI, UX, effects, and features for live slot game development.

More Games To Entice Your Players

Mines Game Development
Coin Flip
As the rocket/machine takes flight, bet on which point will it crash, and the right prediction offers a win.


This is where the players bet on whether the next number will be higher, equal, or lower to the current.
Check all boxes to unlock them with points and rewards, where unboxing a wrong one with bomb can be your loss.
This game flips a coin in the air, and the players bet on that will be the expected outcome, where the right prediction wins.
As the rocket/machine takes flight, bet on which point will it crash, and the right prediction offers a win.
This is where the players bet on whether the next number will be higher, equal, or lower to the current.
Mines Game Development


Check all boxes to unlock them with points and rewards, where unboxing a wrong one with bomb can be your loss.
Coin Flip


This game flips a coin in the air, and the players bet on that will be the expected outcome, where the right prediction wins.
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Casino Games To Add With Live Slot Games

Five Reel Slots
Classic Slots
Virtual Reality Slots
Trenball Crash
Gin Rummy
Fan tan
Baccarat Insurance
Squeeze Baccarat
Dragon Tiger
Shake the Plate
Speed Baccarat
Andar Bahar
Sic Bo
Standard Blackjack Game Development
Standard Baccarat
Standard Roulette
Texas Hold’em
Unlimited Blackjack
Two Up
Three Card Poker

Explore Highlights Of A Top-Class Live Slot Game Development

Kiosks Support
The finest live slot game development from GammaStack eases your gameplay with complete kiosk feasibility.
Flexible RTPs & House Edge
Set return-to-player (RTP) or payback and house-edge optimally and control it from the back-end using our live slot game development.
Slot Controls
Accessible from the back-office, the slot control tool offers ease management of reel hold, delay time, frequency setup, etc.
Diverse Currencies
Advance your slot platform with the diverse currency choices like international currencies, custom tokens, and cryptocurrencies.
Player Engagement & Support
Get the live slot game development added with marketing tools like player filtration, segmentation, retention strategies, and much more.
Hardware & Device Agnostic
Be it kiosks, mobile devices, laptops, or other device; our live slot games development works on all seamlessly.
Designs, Animations & Sound
GammaStack has got the most skilled live slot game designers, animators, and sound experts to create an immersive platform for your players.
RNG, Maths & Algorithms
Our team of live slot game mathematicians is proficient enough to provide your platform with best-fit custom or 3rd party RNGs, maths, and algorithms.
Custom Reels Imagery
From reel motions to designs, imagery, and whatnot;
customise all for personalised touch at
Social Gaming
Prepare a private slot room for social gaming which can be entered by using QR code, invite link, etc.
Retail Slots
From managing paytables to offering payslips, ticketing, and much more; get every sense of gaming added for more fun.
Set multiway gaming, megawins for players, time-spcific rewards, games management and controls, level development, etc. for full-fledged operations.
Player Account Management
Player identification, preference analysis, segmentation, filtration, and filter-based actions; manage complete player processes from our PAM tool.
Back Office & CRM
The live slot game development we cater lets you develop back office of your choice with easy access to CRM, CMS, dashboards, and other support windows.
Automated Tools
Automate your slot reel spins, pattern highlights, bet placements, and even deposits and withdrawals using our auto-slot mechanics.
Hosting & Custom Tech Stack
Host your live slot games development on server of choice with choosable tech stack for technical strength.
Cloud-Server Gaming (RGS)
No more worries about games getting stuck as you can now take live slots to cloud server model, known as RGS for hassle-free and remote gameplay.
Generate revenue for your allies, affiliates, agents, and entities using the monetization tool that includes in-game purchases, content, etc.
Content Management (CMS)
Add, edit, update, remote and control content on your platform, offer alerts, pop-ups and notifications, and do much more of content with our CMS tool.
Configuration Management
Add, edit, modify, access, and centrally manage gaming vendors, agents, and other entities for full authorization.
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What’s Math Behind Live Slot Games? Let’s See

Live slots typically bases its fairness on probability theory and random number generation (RNG). RNG, which generates random sequence of numbers at incredibly fast rate, offers specific and random outcomes that ensures fairness and unpredictability.

Now, the reel layout and symbol placements which are randomly arranges offer random patterns depending on the game’s design and odds. The paylines set by the operators identifies these patterns and offer wins to players based on RTP.

RTP is the percentage of all wagered money that the game is designed to pay back to players over time. For example, if a game has an RTP of 96%, it means, on average, players will win back $96 for every $100 wagered over an extended period.

Lastly, the difference between the RTP and 100% represents the house edge, which is the casino’s built-in advantage. It ensures that over time, the slot house will profit from players’ bets.
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Our Live Slot Game Development Process

Planning & Ideation
Idea Analysis
Concept Creation & Sketching
Art & Mood Boards
Sketch Creation
Live Slot Game Design
Live Slot Game Development
Slot Software Design
Custom Integrations
Slot Software Development
3rd Party Systems Add-up
Quality Analysis
Maths & RNG Integration
Go Live
Design & Animation
Post-launch Services
Audio Configuration
Quality Analysis
Performance & Load Testing
Go Live
Total QA
Quality Analysis
Quality Analysis
After-Launch Aids
Quality Analysis
Marketing & Upgradation
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Strong Team Of Designers, Mathematicians, Developers, etc.
Quality & Agile Development Services
State-of-the-art Technologies & Tools
Quick Launch Time
100% Custom & Owned Solutions

GammaStack is the leading name in the live slot game development industry for more than 12 years. Set as a top-class brand name in the global gaming realms, GammaStack has made its catch on the finest market trends and offers exclusive live slot solutions to fully fit your needs. From fully custom to readymade solutions, we have everything you need to make your slot business enticing. So, get the best-in-industry slot solutions for your business and elevate your profits today!


1. What is a live slot game?

A live slot game is a variation of traditional online slot games where players can participate in real-time, often in a live casino environment. These games feature a live host or dealer who interacts with players and spins the reels on a physical slot machine, which is broadcast via a live video stream.

2. How can the live slot solutions be used?

Players can interact with the host, place bets and watch the game unfold in real-time, combining the excitement of live casino play with the familiarity of slot machines.

3. How are live slot games developed?

Developing live slot games involves a combination of software and hardware components. The process moves from planning to designing, art creation, animation, effects, sound setup, development, quality verification, and final launch. The overall process requires a strong team of designers, artists, mathematicians, and developers.

4. Are live slot game solutions fair?

Live slot games are designed to be fair, with the same principles of randomness and fairness as traditional online slots. These use RNGs, probability, mathematics, etc. to offer complete fair gameplay.

5. Can I get other gaming portfolios with the live slot solution from GammaStack?

Yes, our versatile iGaming platform offers not only the live slot games development but a complete kit of online and live dealer casinos, sportsbook, provably fair games, mini casino games, etc. to offer all-in-one excitement.



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