About Kiron Interactive

Kiron Interactive will soon be completing its 20 years in the iGaming industry. The company started with the most popular virtual horse racing software, Turfmaster but soon began to try its hand in various other sports categories. BetMan was Kiron’s leading online and mobile betting platform, that hosted a number of betting markets on every virtual game. Their products are so technologically advanced that there are almost quick recovery mechanisms and no problem of network failure.

Kiron Interactive Casino software offers its solution on multiple platforms including, online, mobile, retail, and local renders. The company has a team of 60 members including developers, designers, engineers, architects, and animators, who are experts in their respective fields. Kiron Interactive has been granted with many acclaimed awards due to its excellent performance and services in virtual games suppliers. 

Top Kiron Interactive Games

Kiron Interactive has been certified with many licenses and certifications that allow easy and smooth functioning and implementation of its various services. It offers more than 20 games which are GLI certified  in various gaming categories:

Goal Kiron Interactive Game


Fast League Kiron Interactive Game

Fast League

Badminton Smash Kiron Interactive Game

Badminton Smash

World Hockey League Kiron Interactive Game

World Hockey League

Hockey shots Kiron Interactive Game

Hockey shots

Super Hoops Kiron Interactive Game

Super Hoops

Bullseye Kiron Interactive Game


Pro-Pong Tabel Tannis Kiron Interactive Game

Pro-Pong Tabel Tannis

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Racing

Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Chariot Racing

Chariot Racing

Motor Racing

Motor Racing



Keno Online Casino Games


Spin & Win

Spin & Win

Racing Roulette

Racing Roulette

Lucky Loot Lottery Game

Lucky Loot

Lotto Horses Lottery Game

Lotto Horses

Lotto Cars Lottery Game

Lotto Cars

Integrating Kiron Interactive Games through GammaStack

GammaStack makes available the best collection of games from Kiron Interactive which is a top tier gaming provider and offers amazing gaming content that users will undoubtedly enjoy. You can get hundreds of exciting and unique games developed by Kiron Interactive into your software. GammaStack’s solution is well-packaged with all the trending and thrilling games from Kiron Interactive, that can help you own a feature-rich software within a limited time. We also provide 24/7 support and assistance to our clients when they face any issue. 

Advantages that Kiron Interactive Offers

Highly Secure Platform

Secure Platform

Cross-Platform Availability

Cross-Platform Availability

Gammastack Marketing Support

Various promotions

Global Presence across every continent

Global Presence across every continent

Back-end Support

B2B and B2C Services

Unparalleled Features of Kiron Interactive Software


Increased Customer Base

Jurisdictional Compliant Fantasy Sports Software

Licensed and Certified Internationally

Bingo Game Development - Game Management

Ample Game Types

Servicenow Integration Services - Solution Selection

Innovative Solutions

Hockey Betting Software - Cross-platform Solution

On-Demand Customization Options

Live Sports Betting Exchange Software

In-game advertising

Adaptive and Responsive Design - Online Lottery Software Development

Available on Mobile and Desktop

Option to Build Community Online

Option to Build Community Online

Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications

White-Label Solutions

Want more Features?

Rewards and Benefits

Kiron Interactive software that is very interactive, that the players would want to use the software for a long time. It turns the existing customers into loyal customers. Various promotions, rewards, and bonuses are given to players in order the increase user-engagement. Kiron Interactive offers innovative ways to increase revenue and attract customers.

RaceDay is another platform through which Kiron interactive captivates the attention of players. The RaceDay suite contains three products:

RaceDay Sweepstakes

RaceDay Tournaments

Raceday Pools

These are some excellent marketing products developed to increase the number of dedicated users through loyalty schemes which would make sure that the users continue to use the software. 

Kiron Interactive API Integration

Kiron Interactive is growing fast along with new game additions in the software. With the API integration, clients can personalize their software as the scope of innovation increases while using APIs. 


Companies can access their API platform to gain access to more than 20 games developed by Kiron. Through APIs, companies can make their workflow more productive and rapid.

Gammastack API Integration

Single Unified API

Rapid Market Entry - Fantasy Sports Software

Quick Market Entry

Fantasy Baseball Software - Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

League Of Legends Tournament Management Software

Speedy Integration

Kiron Interactive Software

Kiron Interactive has been a significant player in developing virtual games for clients based all around the world. The company provides a wide range of virtual games, that the users can’t get enough of. Their user interface is very captivating that it easily grabs the attention of potential customers. Their software makes them stand out among the iGaming competitors of the world. They provide virtual games for online as well as retail solutions incorporated with a wide range of betting types. The software is developed to run efficiently on mobile, desktop, and on retail interface.

Kiron Interactive Software Products

BetMan Omni is a product of Kiron Interactive that provides a fully functional, feature-rich virtual games betting solution managed and hosted by them. The platform enables players to place multiple or single bets on a variety of virtual games offered in the software.  Kiron Interactive started its innovative virtual horse racing skill game called Turfmaster which is also available for white-label development for clients. RaceDay is another engaging suite of virtual sports products.

Kiron Interactive FAQs

Below are some answers to the questions that are important while considering which game provider to choose:

What is Kiron interactive?

Kiron Interactive has been a significant player in developing virtual games for clients based all around the world. The company provides a wide range of virtual games, that the users can’t get enough of.

What types of services/products does Kiron offer?

Kiron provides numerous types of virtual games including Horse Racing, Loyalty and Bonuses Games, Keno games, Roulettes, Spin & Win, Number Games, and the list goes on. Clients cannot get enough of it.

How strong is Kiron’s gaming portfolio?

Kiron’s gaming portfolio is very strong. It offers 20+ Games in multiple countries over 5 continents. Kiron has been in partnership with leading online sports software development companies.

Is Kiron Interactive licensed and regulated?

Kiron Interactive is a licensed player in developing and delivering virtual sports to clients based on various territories. Its products have been certified by GLI. In addition, a number of licenses and certificates have been granted to the company for its smooth functioning.

How significant is Kiron’s presence worldwide?

Kiron Interactive has established its presence over 50+ countries, across the 5 continents. Countries like the US, Italy, Brazil, Malta, Peru, China, Jamaica, the UK, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Mexico, Columbia, India, South Africa, and Australia are some of the countries where its presence can be seen significantly.

Why integrate Kiron through GammaStack?

GammaStack’s API integration is done in such a way that it will easily accommodate all the virtual games from Kiron Interactive to any gaming software. We have a team of developers, designers, engineers, and customer support employees who work towards satisfying all the client’s needs and queries.