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Top-Notch Keno Lottery Software Development

Lottery pools are basically a group of lottery players who chip in their money for buying the lottery tickets along with a mutual agreement of splitting the money if they win the lottery game. It always proves to be a beneficial concept for players as well as online lottery operators. The lottery pool software offered by GammaStack is a unique and feature rich platform that comes integrated with all the requisite and trending functionalities that enhance your user’s lottery pool gaming experience and provide them better winning odds. Our team strives hard to meet the exact requirements of clients and deliver them the lottery pool software that is exactly built as per their expectations.

Major Perks of our Keno Lottery Software

Real-Time Game Ambiance

Your players can play their desired Keno lottery game in the real-time game ambiance on our online Keno lottery software with the exact feel of the land based lottery gaming.

Visible Payouts for Transparency

The visible payouts in our Keno lottery software facilitates your players to stay well informed about the amount of the picked numbers and the winning amount as per their bet size.

Controlled Game Pace

The pace of the game can be controlled by your users thus it offers them the convenience to play the game at their convenient speed in a hassle-free manner.

Secured Transactions

The highly transactions on our Keno lottery software enables secured as well as seamless payment transactions for your players.

Multiple Device Compatibility

Our Keno lottery software supports multiple devices including mobile, laptop, desktop, etc thus your users can easily access the platform irrespective of the device they are using.

Multi-lingual Support

Our Keno lottery software comes with multi-lingual support thus enabling you to engage the users from different geographical locations.

Features Covered in our Keno Lottery Software

User Dashboard

A fully functional user dashboard is integrated in our Keno lottery software which enables your users to get complete insight about the necessary game information including their scores, winnings, history and much more.

Multiple Pay Tables

A variety of pay tables integrated in our Keno lottery software adds more values to the platform and acts as an engaging feature for your users.

RNG Module

A proven and well tested RNG module is present in our Keno lottery platform for ensuring that your players can have a fair as well as transparent Keno game play on our platform.

Pari-Mutuels/Lottery Pools

Our Keno lottery software supports pari mutuel or lottery pool gaming experience thereby enabling your players to get better winning odds while playing Keno lottery game in groups.

Autoplay Strategies

The feature of autoplay strategies in our Keno lottery software enables your players to get auto suggestions for the most beneficial gameplay so that they can plan out the strategies accordingly.

Real-Time Accounting

The real time accounting or analysis of the crucial information about the players, Keno gameplay, winning outcomes, player’s history and much more crucial information can be done in our Keno lottery software.

Easily Adjustable

Our Keno lottery software is conveniently adjustable to any count of balls drawn or any board size thus your players can have an enjoyable Keno gaming experience.

Visual Lottery Analyzer

The visual lottery analyzer in our Keno lottery platform offers a toolbox for your users which is used for creating advanced tickets, playing, analyzing, editing games, editing and using the number drawing systems, calculating statistics and much more.

One-Step Analysis

The one step analysis feature in our Keno lottery software enables your players to quickly analyse the game automatically by downloading the latest drawings and getting the best possible combination of numbers for playing.

Multiple Payment Gateways

A variety of secure payment gateways are supported in our Keno lottery software for facilitating seamless and secure payment transactions for the convenience of your users.

Major Cryptocurrencies Support

Our Keno lottery software enables your players to do transactions in their desired cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripples and many more.

Admin Dashboard

A strong and well functioning admin dashboard is present in our Keno lottery software for easing up the management and monitoring process for the admin on our platform.

Need More Features?

Keno Bets/Tickets Supported on our Online Keno Lottery Platform

  • Straight Ticket
  • Odd/even Ticket
  • Way Ticket
  • Top/Bottom
  • King Ticket
  • Combination Ticket
  • 20-Spot Ticket
  • Split Ticket
  • Left/Right Ticket

Additional Highlights of our Online Keno Lottery Software

Requirement Elicitation Gammastack

Multiple Website Skins

FIFA Tournament Management Software - Brand Loyalty

Engaging User Interface

Task Allocation

SEO Friendly Platform

Quick Time to Market - Fantasy Sports Software

Exciting Keno Game Variations

Gammastack Marketing Assistance

Cross Browser Compatibility

Mobile Responsive Fantasy Sports Platform

Mobile Responsiveness

Keno Game Types Covered in our Online Lottery Platform

Golden Bonanza Keno
Multi-Card Keno
Single Card Keno
Super Keno
Progressive Jackpot Keno
Power Keno
Video Keno
Keno Roulette
Keno Roulette
Caveman Keno
Cleopatra Keno

Our Keno Lottery Mobile App Development

GammaStack is backed by an exceptionally strong and skilled team of mobile app developers who are well versed in cutting edge mobile technologies and are updated with the mobile app development market trends. Thus we are capable of delivering you an ultra-modern and highly engaging Keno Lottery mobile app development solution. Our Keno lottery app is highly responsive as well as integrated with all the requisite as well as trending features. The mobile app developed by us is built while keeping in mind your users with varying mobile devices and platforms. Thus we deliver the Keno lottery mobile app development for :-
Android App Development - Gammastack

iOS App Development - Gammastack

Our Keno Lottery Software Development Cycle

Keno Lottery Software
8+ Years of Expertise
Advanced Platform as per Industry Trends

Why GammaStack

Exclusive Keno Lottery Platform
100% Customizable Solution

GammaStack is known for offering top of the line Keno lottery software solutions for your online lottery business. We ensure to deliver you the most entertaining platform enriched with engaging UI and advanced functionalities which contribute in enticing more number of users for your platform. We bring you the most exclusive Keno lottery software coupled with unparalleled features and exciting Keno game variations. Our team strives hard to deliver you the most trending and high quality solutions which help in enhancing growth of your online lottery business.

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