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Insights of Online Poker Game Trends in 2022-2023

Online Poker Game

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Popularity of Online Poker Industry?

3. Growth of Online Poker Industry in 2020

4. Trends of Poker Industry in 2021-22

5. Countries where Online Poker Games are Popular

6. Benefits of Investing in Online Poker Industry

7. How to Start Online Poker Game Business in 2021-22?

8. GammaStack : Renowned Online Poker Software Development Company

9. Sources


Poker is a popular gambling game involving cards in which players play through a deck of cards and bet against each other as per the card value in their respective Poker hands. Bets are made through chips & as the Poker game ends, players can trade chips for money or chips can also be calculated for determining the winners. In the early decades of Poker invention, it was played traditionally but it kept on evolving and nowadays the online Poker game has gained popularity and players prefer to enjoy the game conveniently from their homes with the aid of various online Poker gaming platforms.

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Popularity of Online Poker Industry

  • Poker games have always proved to be a great entertainment medium for people and a great source of trying their luck as well as game skills to win big prize money.
  • Sudden upsurge in time spent by people in online stuff has brought a great resurgence in the gaming world of online Poker.
  • Before lockdowns, around 40 million people that is 6.8% of the net adult population used to play Poker on a regular basis.
  • But due to global lockdown which is a consequence of COVID-19 pandemic, people can now no longer play at land-based casinos or card clubs.
  • Thus online Poker gaming platforms prove to be their clear choices for getting fun, action and relief from stress of day to day lives.
  • With the effect of lockdowns and social distancing, the online Poker gaming market has increased by nearly 43%.
  • Even new players are getting more eager to play online games including Poker as a leisure activity.
  • First time Poker players have increased by nearly 255% in the lockdown period.
  • Online Poker is popular in various countries across the globe and different casinos based in various geographical locations are making big amount of money which can be clearly seen through these statistics:-
    • Amount that has been won in 2000-2019 through gambling in Nevada casino :- 12.03 bn USD
    • Casino Poker games win amount in 2000-2019 in Nevada :- 143.14m USD

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Growth of Online Poker Industry in 2020

  • Traffic of online Poker has seen a massive increase of about 30% in the year 2020
  • The estimates of annual traffic which had been pointed through the last few months of 2019 as well as starting months of 2020 predicted good performance of the online Poker industry.
  • But the exceptional performance of this industry can be attributed to the global lockdown period which enhanced the popularity of the online gaming industry to a significant extent.
  • Before sports betting legalization in the United States, Poker seemed to be in background and legalization plans had been suspended by many states.
  • However, if we see the current situation, then the states which had Poker already since 2017 including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Delaware have reported a great and remarkable growth of around 90% traffic of Poker players through the online Poker rooms which are operating with licenses.
  • Thus interest in the Poker industry has returned to the forefront and interest of the large listed companies in the Poker industry in the US has remained strong with an expectation of a positive return in the near future.

Trends of Poker Industry in 2021-22

World of online Poker is evolving continuously and rapidly with every passing year and there are many locations that have accepted Poker as a new entertainment form and are thus permitting its wide distribution & participation. Online Poker can prove to be a profitable industry for entrepreneurs to invest upon but you should always keep a check at the trends of the industry in the current period to have a profitable online Poker business. Let’s explore some of the exciting trends of Poker industry in 2021-22:-

  • Live Dealer Poker Games are Expected to Witness More Popularity
    Live Dealer Poker games are continually exploding in terms of popularity and are catching the attention of multiple players due to its exclusive and interesting game format. Live Poker games such as 2 Hand Casino Hold’em, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, Live Casino Hold’em Evolution, Live Caribbean Stud Poker Evolution, etc have gained utmost popularity in recent times. Playing against live dealers in the realistic casino gaming environment while sitting in the convenience of your homes always seems to be an exciting & comfortable idea for the Poker players.
  • Virtual Reality will Bring New Gaming Experience
    VR or virtual reality is getting more entrenched into the online casino gaming industry and is bringing an enhanced and unique gaming experience for the players as well as spectators. Most of the online Poker gaming platforms are approaching towards VR enabled solutions to entice their audiences and get more engagement on their platforms. Players will find it really lucrative to have a real-time Poker gaming feel as they will not just get to see the Poker table on their screens but will also get the feel of sitting at the table with other players and enjoying the Poker game from their homes. Spectators will also be able to see the 3D view or realistic view of the Poker games, they will get the feel of watching the Poker game from the real Poker room with the integration of VR in the online Poker game platforms.
  • Industry Leaders should Expect more Competitors
    Big names in the industry will continue to grow along with the growth of the industry in 2021-22 but there are new names which are expected to enter the battle and secure their position in the industry. The lucrative online Poker industry is attracting different entrepreneurs who are planning to try their luck in the online Poker business and earn great profits with this rapidly growing industry.
  • Cryptopoker Growth
    Acceptance and use of cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining grounds continuously in various industries and the online Poker industry is no exception. There exist many online casinos which are already open for cryptocurrency usage although this has not gained much pace in the online Poker industry but is expected to do so in the upcoming year of 2021. Online Poker rooms will be evolving their stance as a great count of Poker players are expected to use cryptocurrencies.
  • Increasing Demand for Mobile Poker
    Demand of mobile Poker game apps is in full growth & due to global lockdown, popularity of the mobile Poker gaming industry has increased in the year 2020. The core reason behind the popularity of Poker mobile apps is the ease of use as players find it more convenient to enjoy Poker gaming on their mobile devices including Android and iOS.
  • Emergence of Poker Live Streams
    Although TV programs and events are surely nostalgic but 2020 has brought a new concept of live streaming platforms in focus. Online Poker industry has also picked up this opportunity and Poker live streams through platforms like Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, etc has seen an unprecedented popularity since last year. In 2021, Poker live streams are expected to witness more growth and popularity among players.
  • Attention Towards Responsible Gaming
    Nowadays people have become more alert about the risks involved in online gaming thus they are preferring platforms which come with strong risk management systems and also ensure responsible gaming experience for players. Poker players prefer to opt for Poker gaming platforms which have easy exits and well defined and comprehensive responsible gaming guidelines for the players.
  • Free Poker Games Bringing Cash Prizes
    Offering cash prizes in free Poker games that do not ask players for any deposits, is a new and trending way of advertising and promoting online Poker platforms. Money is made by the platform owners via the count of advertisements that are looked by the players. No deposit & free roll Poker tournaments are gaining huge popularity as players spend more time on such platforms as they do not need to deposit any fees and have expectation to earn exciting cash prizes

Countries where Online Poker Games are Popular

Online Poker Games Online Poker Games Online Poker Games Online Poker Games Online Poker Games

Online Poker Games Online Poker Games Online Poker Games Online Poker Games Online Poker Games

Benefits of Online Poker Industry

With the rise of the Internet and digitization of almost everything, we are likely to get most of the things available online and Poker games are no exception. Players just need to analyse their competition, create a winning strategy and opt for a reliable online Poker gaming platform. With the accelerating growth of online Poker gaming, entrepreneurs also find it beneficial to invest in this lucrative industry. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of online Poker industry :-

  • For Players:-
    • Easy & quick accessibility
    • Exciting gaming experience on mobile devices
    • No travelling expenses
    • Precise gaming limit analysis (which is often ignored by gamers in land-based Poker rooms)
    • VR & AR for realistic gaming experience
    • Referral rewards & bonuses
  • For Businesses:-
    • Low infrastructural costs
    • Engagement of large number of audiences globally
    • Easy and quick scalability
    • Mobile gamification brings more engagement
    • Reduced investments

How to Start Online Poker Game Business in 2021-22?

Online Poker gaming industry has undoubtedly reached its success peak in recent times and it would be a really wiser decision to invest in this business during its peak period by starting your online Poker game business. For running a successful online Poker gaming business, here are certain things that must be kept in mind :-

  • Analysis of Target Audience
    You must analyse your target audience as well as your targeted geography in an effective and comprehensive way so as to plan your business strategy while keeping in mind the choice and preferences of your target audiences in mind.
  • Gaming License
    You will need to face various challenges in terms of jurisdictions and laws belonging to your targeted country of operation. You need to take legal advice before starting your online Poker game business so that you can fulfill all the legal requirements & do all the necessary paperwork for your business.
    • Initially, you need to get a gaming license.
    • Then you need to take care of documentations involved with the guidance of your legal advisor
  • Selecting a Reliable Online Poker Game Software Provider
    You need a top-notch and feature rich online Poker game software for your business and for that purpose you need a reliable and efficient software provider who can offer you the customized software as per your business requirements. You must ensure following aspects in your online Poker game software:-
    • Multiple Poker Game Modes (Hold’em, Jump, Stingo, Shootout, etc)
    • Different Poker Game Functions (Check, Bet, etc)
    • Secure Payment Gateway Integration
    • Cryptocurrencies Support
    • Admin Dashboard
    • Bonus & Referrals
    • Real-Time Chat Rooms
    • Engaging UI
    • AR & VR Enabled Gameplay
  • Marketing & Promotions
    A well planned marketing and promotions strategy is a must for any business. Thus you must have a detailed marketing campaign for your online Poker gaming platform. You must consider following marketing strategies:-
    • Search engine optimization of your software
    • Marketing ad campaigns for your platform
    • Social media promotion
    • Content marketing strategies

    Need a Feature-Rich Online Poker Software?

    GammaStack : Renowned Online Poker Software Development Company

    If you are planning to invest in online Poker gaming business and desiring for a customized and feature rich online Poker game software, then GammaStack can be your perfect assisting hand that can provide you an advanced online Poker platform enriched with multiple engaging features and exciting game assets for engaging your target audiences in an effective manner. Our team possesses strong expertise and knowledge about the online Poker industry thus we are able to integrate all the trending functionalities in your software. Our online casino software solutions always cover all the requisite as well as ultra modern features and exciting casino games which attract your players and engage them for a longer gameplay.

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