How to Start an Online Craps Business?

How to Start an Online Craps Business

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Craps game is a popular casino game which has gained immense popularity in recent times. Online Craps game’s craze has doubled in 2020-21 due to global lockdown because of COVID-19 which has resulted in a sudden increase in the time spent by gaming enthusiasts for online gaming options. Craps game is mainly conducted in the rounds where 20 players take turns of being shooter & rolling dice. The major goal of Craps is accurately guessing the dice value rolled by the shooter. Game starts with placement of bets by the players on dice’s first roll which is known as come out roll. Players decide in this round whether dice will land on 2,3 or 12 or 7 or 11 which are respectively termed as don’t pass and pass bets. Round gets ended when total value of dice is 11 or 7 or 2,3 or 12 which are respectively known as natural or craps.

Why is the Craps Game so Popular ?

Craps Game
  • Fun-Filled & Exciting: Craps games can be rated 10/10 in scale of fun and excitement. Craps gaming enthusiasts keep on high-fiving, cheering and stay completely immersed in this game’s action. Perfect combination of fast pace, various betting options & ability of winning just through one dice throw make the game full of fun.
  • Various Ways of Playing: In comparison to other popular casino games, Craps game comes with a variety of ways in which players can bet. Whether players are wagering various big bets or a small bet, the action of dice tossing is equally enticing for everyone. With a plethora of playing ways, experimenting & finding the most suitable bet for you is always fun.
  • No House Edge Bets: There are some easy bets present in Craps in which the edge of the casino is 0% which means casinos will not make any money from your bet. Few no house edge bets by certain casinos seem really engaging for Craps game players.
  • Team Spirit: When the majority of bets on Craps table aim for achieving the same goal or all can win with the rolling of the same number, real team spirit of players can be witnessed. It fills all of them with excitement when their desired number gets rolled & the complete table gets paid.

Need Craps Game Software?

Online Craps Game Glossary

  • Ace: Face value one shown by a dice
  • Box Numbers: When placed bet numbers include 10, 9, 8, 6, 5 and 4
  • Crap Numbers: 2,3 or 12 numbers
  • Easy Way: 10, 8, 6 or 4 rolls made without double
  • Front: Alternative name for pass line
  • George: A player who gives good tips
  • Hard Number: Number rolled by dice in pair
  • Hi-Lo: One roll bet on the numbers 12 and 2
  • Inside Numbers: When bets are placed on the numbers 8-9 and 5-6
  • Little Joe: Slang used for dice roll of four
  • Little Phoebe: Slang term used for dice roll of five
  • Marker: Disc used for labelling point number on Craps table
  • Natural Numbers: A dice roll of 7 or 11
  • Outside Numbers: When bets are placed on 5-9 or 4-10
  • Puppy Paws: Slang term used for a dice roll of 10
  • Right Bettor: Players who place bets on pass line
  • Wrong Bettor: Players who place bets against shooter

Countries where Craps Game is Popular

Online Poker Game USA
Craps Game UK
Craps Game France
Craps Game Switzerland
Australia Horse Racing Tracks

How to Play a Craps Game?

  1. Craps games commence with pass line bet and players have to predict whether dice will land on 2,3 or 12 to lose or win by landing on 7 or 11.
  2. All pass bets are taken by base dealers and get added to the Craps table.
  3. Craps game gets started by the shooter with the first dice roll which is known as come out roll.
  4. When dice lands on 11 or 7, wager of pass line bettors wins & if dice lands on combined 12, 3 or 2, wager of don’t pass bettors win. If dice lands on any other number, a point gets established on the Craps table & game goes on.
  5. As a point (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) gets set on the Craps table, the players can place bets on dice landing on the point, on various numbers or losing by landing on number 7.
  6. Dice gets rolled by the shooter until it lands on point or 7.
  7. Shooter remains as shooter in next game of Craps when shooter lands on point. If 7 gets rolled, shooter gets sevens out & new player gets chance to become a shooter.

Rules to be followed while playing craps game:

  1. Wait for getting space in Craps table
  2. Follow the etiquette of shooter
  3. Don’t bet on separate die
  4. Stay aware that you can lose or win the bets when you are not a shooter
  5. You need to make bets only when dealers take them

Layout of Craps Table

Layout of Craps Table
Regular Craps table comes with two sides having similar patterns on right as well as left. A such no difference is present between two sides in terms of gameplay. It is designed for making it convenient for more number of bettors to join in the game. Even two dealers are allowed to manage bets on the Craps table at times when the game is quite busy. Here are some of the other important elements of Craps table:
  • Don’t Pass & Pass Lines When a player predicts that the shooter will get landed on a combined 11 or 7, wagers get placed by the dealer in the pass line box. If the player predicts the lander of the shooter on 2,3 or 12, then the bets are termed as don’t pass bets & dealers place them in the box of don’t pass bar.
  • Big Eight and Big Six Big Eight and Big Six are some of the most popular bets placed on the Craps table by the players. Wagers get placed by bettors in this section when they think that shooter will be landing on 8 or 6 before landing on 7.
  • Field Players can bet on whether the shooter will be landing on 3,4,9, 10 or 11 on a dice’s single roll. Such a bet type is known as a field. Money gets doubled or tripled in this section of table when wager gets placed on dice that is landing on 12 or 2.
  • Don’t Come & Come Don’t come and come sections of the table layout also works in the same manner as the pass line bets. These bets can be made in a Craps game only after a pass line bet.
  • Place This section is located at a place which is very close to boxman & is a fast paced bet. Craps players can place bet wagers “place to win” on shooter landing on 10,9,8,6,5 and 4 before they land on 7.
  • Centre Section Craps table’s middle section gets shared among all the players where proposition bets can be added by the players.

Online Vs Offline

Online Craps game has gained a significant amount of popularity nowadays. The main distinguishing points include real sounds, hi-fis, screams, social interactions, etc. But nowadays most people desire to avoid these things and play calmly in the convenience of their homes via online Craps game software.

  • No Wait Time In land-based casinos, craps tables have a long waiting time for the players because a limited number of tables can be accommodated at a certain space but this is not the case with online Craps platforms where a great number of tables are available and players are gladly welcomed to play at any time of the day.
  • Quick Playing Online Craps gaming is comparatively faster than offline Craps game and provides players more control on sounds, re betting and animations.
  • Lower Bets Offline or land based casinos have a minimum limit of about $5-10 but online Craps platforms allow players to make small bets in a convenient manner.
  • Relieving Environment Players lose their focus due to the screams and disturbances that they face while playing in offline Craps tables but in online Craps gaming, players can relax and play comfortably and with full focus.

Tips for Craps Game Players

Here are some of the tips for Craps game players
  • Learn and Understand Rules Properly Players must stay well informed about the rules of Craps game and then play accordingly. Some of the important factors that you must check are the variety of bets that are available, where bets need to be placed & how bets may get influenced through dice results.
  • Understand Odds Players should have a better understanding of odds for the Craps game as most betting options are having payouts at varying odds. Houses are also provided with different advantages. Thus you must compare true odds of every dice roll with those which actually get paid.
  • Avoid Systems Various betting and playing systems are offered in platforms for Craps game but none of them help in enhancing your winning chances. You can take maximum odds by staying adhere to pass/don’t pass bets.
  • Take Perks from Promotions Special bonus offers or promotions can benefit you so you should keep a check on them and increase your chances of getting free rewards or bonuses while playing Craps game.

Tips for Online Craps Game Businesses

Entrepreneurs are getting more inclined towards investing in online Craps gaming business as it seems to be a highly profitable industry in the upcoming years. So, if you are also planning to start your online Craps game business, then you must take care of following aspects

  • Decide your targeted audience and targeted geography by analysing the trends of Craps game & its growing popularity in different regions.
  • Define your budget for business & then plan next steps accordingly/
  • Be particular and alert while choosing your providers such as Craps game software provider, payment gateway provider, etc.
  • Ensure that your Craps software is a RNG based dice system for bringing fairness of game on your platform.
  • Integrate cryptocurrency payment options in your Craps software as nowadays cryptos are more in demand.
  • Plan a detailed marketing & promotions strategy for your online Craps software.

How to Choose a Craps Game Software?

Here are some of the necessary features that must be covered in a Craps game platform
  • Strategy Evaluation Metrics or Aggregate Metrics
  • Auto Betting
  • All Types of Bets Support (Hop & Lay, Craps, etc)
  • Realistic Game Layout
  • Good RTP
  • Casino Chips
  • Secure Payment Options
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Pass & Don’t Pass Lines
  • In-App Purchases
  • Easy to Use CRM & CMS System

Need an advanced Craps game software?

Which is the Best Online Craps Software Provider?

We are one of the most renowned online Craps software providers offering futuristic and top of the line Craps game platform integrated with all the ultra modern functionalities. We also integrate blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in our platform for more transparency, security in transactions, quick payments and much more. We are known in industry for offering various online casino software solutions developed by our experienced casino software developers such as blockchain based online casino platform, cryptocurrency enabled casino games software, custom casino software, white label online casino software, casino management system and much more.




What is the difference between online and live craps?

There is not much difference between online and live craps games. Table layouts, way of rolling dice and most of the things are similar in both the games. The pace of online Craps games is quite slower as compared to live craps games. Another difference is of table limits, for online Craps game, the table limit is much lower.

What do you mean by Craps bonus?

Craps bonuses are offered by various online casinos. It offers an opportunity for new players to get free bonuses or rewards. There are mainly two types of Craps bonus including matching deposit & no-deposit Craps bonus.

Which are the crucial features in an online Craps game software?

Crucial features of an online Craps game software include realistic layout, strategy evaluation metrics, casino chips, auto betting and many more.

Which is the best online Craps game software provider?

GammaStack is one of the most reliable online Craps game software provider which is known for offering the most advanced and innovative Craps software development solutions and services.

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