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How Blockchain Technology is Taking Us to the Next Step of Telemedicine

How Blockchain Technology is Taking Us to the Next Step of Telemedicine

The new models of healthcare delivery and integration of digital health technology are reaching the point of convergence. We have not achieved the synergy yet, but opportunities have constantly been on the rise since 2015. The aim is to move the industry much closer to the awaited initiatives in a connected, value-based care. As it turns out, telemedicine is one of the most rapidly growing sectors with the implementation of blockchain in health records.

Individuals are constantly connecting themselves to a variety of technology networks and devices. Existing wearables in the market are expected to change their features & focus beyond fitness in the coming days. Even the upcoming devices, as well as the ones which are currently launched in the market, are now getting more sophisticated than ever before. Most of these are now equipped with tools like fitness activity tracking, breath monitoring, UV light measurement etc.

It is truly fascinating for us to watch how consumer electronics, wearables & clinical devices continue to the club and take new forms. Some of the interesting examples along with the blockchain will be in the other categories of digital technologies like digital tattoos, implantable devices, and smart lenses.

This is the year of telehealth and it would be realized. It is projected that by 2018, many of the interactions with health organizations will take place on mobile devices. The continuous requirement and acceptance of telehealth will extend the point of care for providers & provide the complete access to medical professionals for patients.

With the rise in a number of chronic disease patients, there has been a significant increase in the cost of care. This is one of the most important considerations and challenges to the existing healthcare system. It is intended majorly to look after the critical episode but not adapted to the type of care required by chronic diseases. This is where blockchain technology in telemedicine jumps in to ensure quality and cost containment. These solutions assist in:-

  •        Follow-ups with patients while they are at home
  •        Collective care by multidisciplinary teams of healthcare professionals
  •        Patient empowerment through remote education
  •        Modifying the care procedures on per patient basis

The telemedicine field is now transforming. Therefore, we have the opportunity and responsibility, to align healthcare and technology innovation to improve our care system. Telemedicine is a great step forward in improving the accessibility of healthcare to all patients and particularly those living in rural areas with limited healthcare professionals.

Telemedicine & Blockchain Technology

Telemedicine and blockchain innovation share a center theory of engagement. Blockchain technological solutions that are focused on patients and upgrading the work processes for the pharmaceutical suppliers treating them. The entire model is focused on go-to-customer(s) directly without getting in contact with third-party agents, the patients can view the original source of the medicine and its authenticity, whilst the doctors can also find their way in the loop, and offer consultation.

The common thread between the telehealth and HIT (Healthcare Information Technology) blockchain selection is an absolutely patient-driven model. In this manner, the healthcare businesses shall voice solidarity with the technological change that is something of such supreme importance. Thus, blockchain in healthcare technology can show selective adoption synergies than most of the businesses in a similar domain.

Frequent access to telehealth administrations detects early stage of sickness and thus brings down the therapeutic cost for the patients, specialists, and insurance agencies. Regardless, the ongoing efforts to control the authoritative expenses are significant propelling factors behind the use of telemedicine. Thus, Blockchain may likewise give a look at how virtual care groups in future rooted in telemedicine will be able to establish a layer of transparency by guaranteeing straightforwardness and ethical business schemes.

Integrating healthcare data with a blockchain network does not mean that you will have to bounce through a lot of hoops!

There is one significant difference between decentralized blockchain powered medical records when compared to other centralized platforms. A decentralized platform for healthcare experts and patients provides them a room to interact directly with each other, where others do not get the special access to infiltrate unless they are being granted the permission. The patients control their own key to their respective data and the network will hold the disclaimers for both the parties respectively, thereby ensuring that the platform provided is legit.

Considering an example, in Psychology, it is an estimate that nearly 1 in 10 people need Psychological assessment and couldn’t afford regular visits to a Psychologist for counseling. A blockchain powered Telemedicine platform will give patients the ability to interact with their own doctor and allow them to be evaluated at or around 1/10th of the office visit cost. The independent nodes will verify the Psychologists in the network so as to eliminate the bad actors, and patients can pay the fee using their preferred digital currency.

Impact of Telemedicine *

Telemedicine allows us to connect a patient to a doctor and it allows us to erase time and distance which is really the miracle of telemedicine says jay Robbins, Director of Tift Regional.