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Felt Gaming

About Felt Gaming

Felt Gaming is committed to providing the online gaming industry with the world’s best and classical casino table games. They have a proven track record of success in both land-based and online casinos worldwide. The company was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing the online gaming community with the best casino table games available. Their games are designed for maximum player engagement, thanks to a team of seasoned casino industry specialists. Apart from momentous features their games offer smooth mobile performance, the appropriate levels of volatility and pay frequency to the players all over the world.

Top Games of Felt Gaming

Felt Gaming portfolio is filled with a diverse collection of games that incorporate the best table game elements into online gaming. All of their classic Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker games have distinguished themselves in the most demanding of conditions, including thousands of land-based casinos throughout the world. They create the most thrilling and completely unique table gaming experience online by combining classical and authentic Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette titles with the world’s most popular side bets. They have a strong emphasis on customer service, which is why their games are entertaining, rewarding, and full of surprises that captivate players and provide them with a memorable experience. Some of the most famous games developed by Felt Gaming are:
Caribbean Blackjack

Caribbean Blackjack

Caribbean Blackjack is a progressive jackpot game that blends the thrills of blackjack and Caribbean Stud poker. The player must play two hands of blackjack in order to participate in the Five Card Bonus and progressive Jackpot wagers.

Double Ball Roulette

The game consists of a conventional European roulette table with two balls instead of the standard one providing additional betting chances and enhancing the gambling experience of the players.
Double Ball Roulette
Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker

Texas Hold’Em Bonus Poker

The goal of this game is to defeat the dealer with your best five-card poker hand, which consists of your two hole cards and five community cards.
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Integrating Felt Gaming Games Through GammaStack

With the help of GammaStack, you’ll be able to incorporate these captivating games into your platform. Felt Gaming offers a wide range of table games to their customers, including games in a variety of themes that are popular among gamblers all over the world. GammaStack will provide a smooth and seamless integration of Felt Gaming’s high-quality games. Our team of technologists and integration experts will ensure that your gamers have the greatest graphics, sound, and animations possible. You can believe in GammaStack since we have a track record of exceeding our clients’ expectations for over 8 years.

Huge Benefit of Felt Gaming Casino Software


Swift and fluid games

Exquisite design

Authentic cards and chips

Felt Gaming Casino Software

Felt Gaming is committed to creating world-class casino games with customizable stunning graphics, music, and animations for a seamless gaming experience. Their table games feature authentic chips and cards, which improve player involvement and differentiate them from other online gambling options. Their games are available in several languages and are licenced in a variety of jurisdictions, allowing you to reach a global audience. Furthermore, Felt Gaming’s games are packed with features and offer massive bonuses and jackpots to their gamers. Despite all of these advantages, Felt Gaming continues to improve its performance and strives to be the greatest casino gaming and solution supplier on the planet.

Striking Features of Felt Gaming Software

Fully-optimized games

Astonishing interface

Multipliers and jackpots

Licensed and regulated

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Felt Gaming API Integration

Through GammaStack’s single API, you can integrate Felt Gaming’s unique and engaging casino games into your product. Felt Gaming is licensed and regulated by The United Kingdom Gambling Commission which makes them one of the most reliable casino game providers in the iGaming industry. The API integration will allow you to swiftly deploy your product and configure it to meet your specific needs and requirements. GammaStack has assembled the best team of API integrators that will be at your disposal to give excellent customer service and satisfaction. With the help of our qualified and seasoned veterans, you can even deliver these amazing games to your players on their mobile phones. We ensure that the games made by Felt Gaming are integrated quickly and without difficulty.


Felix Gaming FAQs

1. What do Felt Gaming do?

Felt Gaming is a widely known casino game provider that focuses mostly on astounding table games.

2. Is Felt Gaming Licensed and Certified?

Yes, Felt Gaming is licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

3. Which are the most popular games Created by Felt Gaming?

Some of the most popular games developed by Felt Gaming are: Carribean Blackjack, Double Ball Roulette, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker and Blackjack Lucky Ladies

4. Why integrate Felt Gaming through GammaStack?

Through GammaStack’s unified API, you can have the benefit of integrating premium quality casino games developed by Felt Gaming. By integrating their casino solutions, you will be able to stand tough in the iGaming market with the help of their unique offerings.