ExeFeed API Integrations

ExeFeed API Integrations

GammaStack makes top-notch ExeFeed API integrations with a plethora of features and functionalities.

  • 10+ implementation
  • 5+ migrations to LSports
  • 500+ operators subscribe
  • 400,000+ sports events/year
  • 60+ traditional sports

About ExeFeed

ExeFeed is known for its world’s best sports data and odds. With the best market and competitive odds, they help you thrive hard and reach your end goals. With a high turnover rate and best-in-class odds, ExeFeed provides the most curated content to its consumers keeping in mind all the necessary information. Led by a  team of highly experienced professionals they deliver the most updated content and top-notch data feeds and APIs. ExeFeed knows what users want and they make sure to meet users expectations. 

Set of Services ExeFeed Offers


Their pre-match module has got you all covered with previous matches and events data and other necessary information.


Get all the stats and updated with the fewest errors of live matches and leagues with the best betting market.

New Virtual Football

A new way to play football with ExeFeed’s virtual football game based on real league and team names.

New BetBuilder

BetBuilder enables users to combine different selections in a single football match and create a single bet with unique price.

Goal Race

With GoalRace, customers can bet on six events simultaneously, and it helps users to guess the highest number of goals scored in a football match.

Pricing Engines

They have different pricing engines with its own proprietary odds algorithm to generate the best module.

ExeFeed API Integrations Company- GammaStack

GammaStack delivers top-notch ExeFeed API integration services ensuring best-in-class odds and sports data. Our team of seasoned engineers integrates your ExeFeed APIs within weeks and help you launch your business fast. With the integration of ExeFeed APIs, users get the most updated sports data for live matches and premier leagues. Attract a massive crowd with top-notch exefeed integration services into your business. Provide users with ultimate betting experience with a plethora of betting markets and odds.


-20+ sports coverage
-25k+ events/month
-Different profit margins
-Wide range of markets and betting types
-Highly adaptive to a particular market
-Control of the product on the client’s side
-Our own pricing engine for all calculations


12+ sports coverage
- 15k+ events per month
- Wide range of markets and betting types
-8 different profit margins
- No possibility to have different prices on the same market types
-Match details available on the feed
-Support 24/7/365
- Real-time data and odds
-Cost-saving solution

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Benefits You Receive With Us for ExeFeed API Integration Services

On-demand Hiring

You can hire our most seasoned team of professionals for your ExeFeed integration services. They provide you with the best integration services ensuring top-notch services.

Certified Developers

Not just developers, you get certified developers from ExeFeed itself to make sure all your APIs are integrated in the desired manner.

Quick Updates

Get quick updates, past history and much more with ExeFeed’s API to provide users with accurate data.

Live Support

We provide 24*7 live support from our team of professionals who provide users with a seamless experience and fast data retrieval rate.

Zero Downtime

Zero downtime is our priority as we understand how important it is to keep your website running without interruption, thus we make all the changes in one go.

Migration to ExeFeed

Not happy with your current data odds services? We provide successful migrations to ExeFeed removing your old sports data provider.

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How We Work At GammaStack

Requirement Analysis

The first step is to understand your requirements so that we can deliver the best and all that you require.

Coordination with LSports Team

We then coordinate with the ExeFeed team to ensure that API integrations are aligned and done in the right manner.

Create Architecture for Integration

We then create architecture for integrating ExeFeed’s API into your business.


Once the architecture and socket connection is built, we integrate ExeFeed API into your business.

QA Testing

Our team then tests the integration to ensure that we meet your requirements.

Roll out

We then finally launch your platform with new ExeFeed integration page.

Adherence to High-quality Standards
Futuristic Solutions

Why GammaStack for ExeFeed API integration?

Quick Integration and Migration
Cost-effective Integration Services

GammaStack is well-known for sports data and odd integration services. We integrate ExeFeed APIs into your online betting platform to ensure that platform runs seamlessly and hassle-free. We cater all your business needs hence bridging the gap between the latest technology and users. Whether you are a startup or well-established business, we have got you all covered with our exefeed integration services. 

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ExeFeed API Integrations
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