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Execute Fantasy Sports and iGaming Business Idea Successfully

Execute Fantasy Sports and iGaming Business Idea Successfully

Understanding the potential and the number of ways that a company can engage their audience via iGaming, clubbed with the right technology platforms, we’ve created our way to make a greater impact. With the impact of growing technology, sports fun is no more limited to playgrounds. The sports industry has reached new heights with the iGaming business. A huge number of people are investing in fantasy sports software development. In fact, studies show that the iGaming Business industry has grown more than 60% in the past 4 years.

We are GammaStack are a team of 200+ technical specialists and iGaming consultants who live the passion for sports. Our Vision is to set up and implements successful and revenue driven fantasy sports software and sports betting businesses across the globe. Thus, ensuring the fact that our clients achieve their desired exposure and recognition in the industry.

Growing happily, we’ve earned some profound milestones:

  • Awarded as “The best emerging IT company in Central India”
  • Established three offices across the country in just 6 months
  • Pioneers in implementing IoT technologies

We believe in pushing all the limits when it comes to deliverables. By staying focused on the job, we ensure that we are doing more than just application development. We are building businesses.

With a strong team of iGaming specialists and fantasy sports business consultants carrying more than 10 years of experience in the iGaming industry, we aim to think big. We implement creativity and thoughtfulness during project planning, design and development processes to ensure efficacious implementation of a fantasy business and iGaming platform.

Services we offer

  • iGaming and fantasy sports software development business consultancy
  • User acquisition strategy for your business
  • Third party consultancy (including data feeds, payment gateways, KYC providers, news and other resources)
  • State of art & robust design and development Services
  • QA Services

Businesses that benefit from us

If you’re going to invest in a billion dollar business, it’s clever to think of the overall benefits you aim to achieve. We provide you the much-needed edge for your iGaming business with the following services:

Fantasy Sports Start-ups & iGaming platform: Revenue focused, quick and cost-efficient fantasy sports software development

Existing iGaming Operators: Helping existing business gain new traffic and revenues through new and innovative engagement features and integration of iGaming and prediction platforms.

Sports leagues and clubs: Increase your fan following and take your sports league/club to the world with super engaging fantasy and prediction apps.

Media Houses: Grow your digital audience, increase digital content consumption and get user registrations.

Sports Brands: Take your brand to the world. Give new reasons for people to follow your brand.

Solving your business problems with ease

Getting into your shoes to see your business, your way, is our first step towards implementation. We strive to create value through state of art consultancy fantasy sports software development services across web and mobile platforms. We would love to touch base, understand your problem and solve it with our experience, expertise and unrivaled technical skills in the iGaming domain.