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Eurostar Studios

About Eurostar Studios

Eurostar Studios is a young, premium gaming studio that creates unique, spectacular online casino games with a modern and smart approach. They feature breathtaking visual storytelling in each reel, which have been expertly constructed and polished. They offer a wide range of dynamic, creative, and elevated visual effects and animations that aim to revolutionise gamblers’ gaming experiences around the world. In a short period of time they have developed more than 1000 slots with the greatest production qualities, stunning graphics, and engaging game mechanics.Your gamers can win big with Eurostar Studios and have a fantastic gambling experience.

Top Games Of Eurostar Studios

Eurostar Studios’ gaming portfolio comprises a wide range of innovative slot games that can keep your players entertained for hours. Their games are equipped with state-of-the-art features and cover a wide range of topics for their players. Their high-quality products and unique concepts meet the industry’s strict demands, providing users with a competitive edge over other casino game developers. You will be able to invest your time and resources with confidence thanks to their extensive library of such games. Every component, such as colour composition and design elements that are brief, simple, and striking, is carefully considered by Eurostar Studios. Eurostar Studios is responsible for some of the most well-known and well-known games, including:



With 5 reels, 234 ways to win, and numerous extra features, Deadmau5 is a high-volatility game. They enhance your odds of winning and make the game more thrilling, although the base game also has some decent prizes.

Burlesque by Dita

Burlesque By Dita is a branded slot based on Dita Von Teese, the “Queen of Burlesque,” and it features 5 reels and 243 chances to win. With the Wild Pleasure feature, you can acquire up to 5 wild reels at random moments, which can lead to a 12,000x maximum win.
Burlesque by Dita
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Integrating Eurostar Studios Through GammaStack

GammaStack’s staff has more than 8 years of experience in meeting the needs of its customers. Our professionals will help you integrate Eurostar Studios’ cutting-edge casino games. Eurostar Studios specialises in slot game development. GammaStack provides their clients with innovative and unique services that allow them to have an endless and overwhelming experience. Our team of devoted and talented developers will ensure that a high-quality standard is maintained when integrating the casino solutions into your platform. Our team of capable and trustworthy developers will carry out the integration process in a calm and non-disruptive manner.

Huge Benefit of Eurostar Studios Casino Software

Enthralling themes

Dedicated Experts

Embellished Gaming Portfolio

Novel and Innovative Viewpoint

Eurostar Studio Casino Software

Eurostar Studios is a group of devoted and committed individuals with the same goal of offering iGaming aficionados with a unique and engaging gaming experience. Eurostar Studios’ slot games have magnificent graphics and seamless sound effects that will enhance the gaming experience for players. Their high-volatility games have a unique and novel concept that combines story-based games, allowing players to try a new kind of slot game. Their gaming library is chock-full of exciting and eye-catching slots. They are one of the most capable and up-to-date providers of online casino games. Their team also includes highly experienced individuals with extensive experience in developing and delivering engaging and entertaining games.

Striking Features of Eurostar Studios Software

Numerous Jackpot and Multipliers

Evenly-distributed Gameplay

Innovative Collaborators

Culinary Artisans

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Eurostar Studios API Integration

GammaStack’s single API will allow you to connect Eurostar Studios’ online casino games. Our talented designers and engineers will work with you to customise the API for a unique user experience. The API will enable you to gather all of the fantastic components, procedures, and casino games that you believe will enhance your users’ gaming experience. Their games are built with complex gaming mechanics and great volatility, allowing players to win large bonuses and jackpots. You will be able to compete with other large iGaming companies by integrating their casino systems. GammaStack will help you with the integration process, ensuring that your players are exposed to every element of Eurostar Studios games and have an exceptional gambling experience.

Eurostar Studios FAQs

1. What does Eurostar Studios do?

Eurostar Studios is one of the most prominent developers and providers of high-quality RNG slots.

2. Which are the most popular games developed by Eurostar Studios?

Some of the most popular games developed by Eurostar Studios are: Deadmau5 and Burlesque by Dita.

3. Why integrate Eurostar Studio games through GammaStack?

Through GammaStack’s unified API, you can have the benefit of witnessing ready-to-launch online casino gaming suits under a single integration which will assist you to provide these extraordinary games developed by Eurostar Studio to your players.