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Esports Center Management Software Provider

    With our top-notch Esports center management software development, join the arena of our happy customers who have effectively minimized cost, accelerated the process and accomplished more in less time.

      Feature-rich Esports Center Management Application Development

      The Esports center management applications developed by GammaStack help you get organized, speed up the process, enhance engagement and do more in less time. With our easy to use Esports and game center software, you can effectively manage gamers, games, tournaments, payments and do so much more — all from one place. Our creative and highly skilled team of professionals with hands-on experience in Esports industry software development make GammaStack an ideal choice for all your Esports software needs.

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      Highly functional Esports and Game Center Software Solutions

      Admin Dashboards

      With our convenient and easy to use admin dashboards, keeping track of games, gamers, products, applications, etc becomes an easy job.

      Event and Product promotion

      The product promotion feature in our Esports center management application enables admins to easily promote events and sell accessories, merchandise, gaming equipment, etc to the gamers.

      Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

      At GammaStack, we value your user’s privacy and safety. Hence in order to render safe and secure solutions, we only rely on safe third-party payment gateway providers that are trusted by the world. In addition to this, we provide multiple payment modes as per your preferences that enable your users to make in-app purchases without any hassle.

      License Management

      This feature in our Esports center management application helps you to keep track of expiring game licenses, which makes the process of renewal simple and easy.

      Game Management

      The game management feature in the Esports center management software developed by us helps admins to manage games effectively. Admins can effortlessly group games on the basis of various parameters like genre, age restriction, etc to become more organized.

      Esports Tournament Management and Promotion

      With the help of this feature, admins can effectively and conveniently create tournaments, invite gamers and conduct an effective promotion across the platform to ensure maximum participation of the gamers.

      Smart Installation

      Instead of installing games and updates manually on each system, this feature enables admins to install high-graphic games and updates across all the systems with only one click, without any hassle.

      Real-time messaging

      Effective communication is always the key. Hence on the Esports center management software developed by us, admins can easily send messages to new as well as existing users and gamers, solve their queries and keep them updated during their session. In addition to this, gamers can also communicate with each other in real-time to share information and to create strategies.

      Team creation

      With the help of this feature in our Esports center management software, admins can easily create teams for specific tournaments and send invites to other gamers for participation.

      Dedicated User Profiles

      In order to help admins keep track of all the gamers, our Esports and game center management software solutions are equipped with this feature. Each gamer gets to create his individual profile which helps admins to manage new as well as existing gamers effectively.

      News and Announcements

      With the help of news and announcements, admins can easily keep gamers informed about the latest events, activities, and updates.

      Membership plans

      The membership plans on the Esports center management platform developed by GammaStack are highly flexible. This feature enables admins to charge on an hourly basis with the help of trackers as well as also gives them various options of offering standard weekly plans, monthly plans, annual plans, etc to the gamers.

      Refer and Earn

      This feature helps admins to get leads and conversions without any hassle. Any gamer can refer another gamer to the platform and earn points that can be later utilized in the games.

      Statistics and Reports

      While managing a center, keeping track of statistics and reports could easily become a daunting task. Hence our Esports center management solutions equipped with this feature enable your users to keep track of all the important statistics, for example, product sales, user engagement, game usage, etc and generate the report for the same.

      Cloud Based software solution

      By harnessing the power of cloud, the Esports center management software solution developed by Gammastack enables admins to manage all the consoles and personal computers within the Esports center. With the help of cloud, admins can easily control the high-end games and top-notch applications and provide best in class experience to the gamers.


      With leaderboards, admins can create an exciting environment in the center and keep the gamers pumped up throughout the session. The feature enables admins to create leaderboards for individual Esports titles and challenge gamers in the center to climb the ranks.

      Multi-center Support

      Gone are the days when center owners had to rely on multiple solutions to manage multiple Esports centers. With next-gen Esports center management software solutions by GammaStack, you can easily manage multiple centers with only one solution.


      With the help of statistics and analytics, you can keep track of the gamers and reward your loyal customers with points, schemes and deals to ensure maximum retention.

      Finance management

      With our Esports center management software, you don’t have to rely on any other software solution to maintain your finances. The software developed by us comes with advance billing options that help admins to keep track of their finances and manage them effectively within one software.

      Why Pick GammaStack for Esports Center Management Application Development?

      Custom Solutions

      Custom Solutions

      At GammaStack, we keep your vision and ideas first. Whether your idea is big or small, our teams always go the extra mile to implement the functionalities and features desired by you.

      Safe and Secure Solutions

      While the increasing number of cyber threats have imposed a serious challenge on IT companies and solutions providers, in order to combat security breaches, we at GammaStack rely on only those third-party solution providers which are trusted by global leaders.
      Safe And Secure Solutions
      Quick And On-Time Delivery

      Quick and on-time delivery

      At GammaStack, we always deliver on time. Even when we work with clients from various locations with different time zones, we make sure that the communication is smooth and we deliver solutions on time.

      User-friendly Design and Development

      The solutions created by GammaStack are always highly intuitive and user-friendly. We ensure a seamless user experience for not only users with technical background but also for users having minimum experience with technology.
      User-Friendly Design And Development
      Next-Gen Solutions At Highly Competitive Prices

      Next-gen Solutions at Highly Competitive Prices

      At GammaStack, even though we develop futuristic solutions by incorporating bleeding-edge technology, we are always committed to providing cost-effective solutions to our customers at highly competitive prices.

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      Additional Features of Our Esports Center Management Software

      With all the above features, the Esports center management application developed by us is equipped with the following features as well:
      Equipment Manager

      Equipment Manager

      File Managers

      File Managers

      Sports Betting App Bookmaker Management Panel

      Screen Monitoring

      Invoice Generator

      Invoice Generator

      Employee Restriction Manager

      Employee Restriction Manager

      Community Builder

      Community Builder

      Information security and confidentiality
      Quick and on-time delivery

      Why GammaStack?

      State-of-the-art Esports solutions
      Latest trends and cutting-edge technology
      For the effective development of the Esports center management solution, GammaStack is a perfect pick. Over the years, with our team of highly skilled developers and designers who are equipped with years of experience in the Esports industry, GammaStack has established itself as an ideal Esports center management platform provider.

      Awards and mentions

      Silicon India Company of the Year
      Emerging experts in Blockchain ETHDenver
      3rd ranked among 1000 entries in IBW Blockchain hackathon
      Keynote Speakers in Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain Conference
      Brand Leadership Award by best brand awards, India
      Keynote Speakers in BFC APAC-Singapore Conference
      Rising Star 2019 Award
      Premium Usability 2019 Award


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      Florida State Golf Association INC
      All India Gaming Federation

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      Sportradar API Integration
      LSports API Integration
      Slotegrator API Integration

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        Working with them has given me a different perspective to look at the esports. Never knew it would so interesting offline as it is online. I would definitely recommend GammaStack to my other friends. Thanks, GammaStack.

         by Jeff White, Cameroon
        Date: 2020/04/30

        They are the best esports center management software provider in the state. I appreciate their hard work and efforts they put in launching my esports center with an esports center management system.

         by Robert Young, Congo
        Date: 2020/04/29

        I really admire their efforts in my center management software. I have compared them with the providers in the market and found them amazing. Their impeccable communication and work deliveries have made a lot of profit in the business.

         by Edward Morris, Italy
        Date: 2020/04/28
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         3 reviews