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Electric Elephant
Electric Elephant

About Electric Elephant

Electric Elephant is an online casino game developing company who were earlier known by the name of 7 Deuce Gaming and were only known for their poker games.In 2019 they decided to upgrade their service and started developing exciting video slots under the name of Electric Elephants. The unique name is acquired from the marvelous creature which is beautiful in itself and is highly recognised in the Asian culture of Sri Lanka, the place where Electric Elephants has its second office. The headquarters of Electric Elephant is located in London. They are equipped with the latest technology and work to provide the best quality games to their players.

Top Games of Electric Elephant

Electric Elephant was established in 2016 and since then they work continuously to provide online casino games rich in graphics and animations which will enhance the gaming experience of their players in all over the world. They also focus on developing exclusive and rare content particularly for the upcoming generation which attracts young gamblers towards the iGaming world. Some of the widely known developed by Electric Elephant are:

Wild Society

Wild Society:

Experience the madness and thrillness of this wild family in this exciting video slot which is filled with amazing multipliers,a number of free spins and an adorable Corgi that will help you win big.


An astonishing and magical video slot filled with breathtaking graphics that will give you an out of the world gaming experience. There are more than 3000+ ways to win this mind blowing slot which has shape shifting characters and much more.
Dragon Strike

Dragon Strike:

Witness the power of these magnificent dragons who guards a lot of treasure in this amazing video slot, Boost all the three dragons and win a number of prizes.
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Integrating Electric Elephant Games Through GammaStack

Electric Elephant is solely devoted in providing high quality gambling games. With the aid of GammaStack you can Integrate these interesting games in your platform that will provide an immense gaming experience to your players. Their unique and creative content will make your players glued to their screens. GammaStack will make sure that your players will experience an unproblematic and fluent flow of the games. Our team of connoisseurs will make sure that your players experience every detail, effects and animations that Electric Elephant has to provide. We guarantee a smooth and seamless integration in order to provide a wonderful gaming experience.

Huge Benefit of Electric Elephant Casino Software

Exciting Theme based games

Fascinating Jackpots and bonuses

Distinct and Rapidly Growing

More than 30 games

Electric Elephant Casino Software

Electric Elephant has a special team of Mathematician, Art and Sound Programmers who engage themselves to provide an extraordinary experience to its players. Electric Elephant works hard to be one of the top casino games provider in all over the world. They have started providing their unique offering in Asia (Colombo) and soon will be a leading casino game provider. Their slots are made up of exciting themes that attract a lot of players from all over the world. They also provide multiple screen options so that their players can experience non stop gaming. Electric Elephant is no doubt one of the best slot and online poker games provider.

Striking Features of Electric Elephant Software


Partnered with Microgaming

Cutting Edge Technology

Monetised as well as can play for free

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Electric Elephant API Integration

Through GammaStack’s API, you can integrate the best and high quality online casino software solutions into your gaming platform. The API will enable you to incorporate all the necessary features, functionalities, and casino games that you think will enhance your casino offerings. We at GammaStack can also help you in customizing the API that will create exclusive user experiences. We guarantee a smooth and seamless integration of the games created by Electric Elephant into your software. Our team of experienced developers and designers will help you in the integration process and will make sure that the process goes very smoothly.


Electric Elephant FAQs

1. What does Electric Elephant do?

Electric Elephant is a unique and high quality slot game provider, with all the modern feature such as 3D design and graphics.

2. Which are the most popular games of Electric Elephant?

Some of the most popular and preferred games created by Electric Elephant are: Divine Immortal, Dragon Strike, Volsunga and Wild Society.

3. Why integrate Electric Elephant games through GammaStack?

Through GammaStack’s unified API, you can have the benefit of integrating high quality slot and poker games created by Electric Elephant. By integrating their casino solutions, you will be able to stand-out in the iGaming market with the help of their unique offerings.