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Custom Lottery Software Development


Perks of our Custom Online Lottery Software


Custom Lottery Games

Online lottery games with complete customisations are designed by our expert team based on your needs.


Popular Lottery Formats

A variety of global formats of lottery
are supported in our custom online
lottery software.


Certified RNG

For ensuring safe and fair gameplay, the RNG system is supported in our custom online lottery software.



We pay special attention to the security aspects on our online lottery platform to ensure that our players have a safe and secure lottery gaming experience.


Brand-Oriented User Interface

Our custom online lottery software comes with an engaging user interface which is completely customised as per your brand by our team of creative and innovative designers.


SEO Friendly Platform

Our custom online lottery software is well optimized with all the SEO aspects thereby making it a search engine friendly platform that can get better relevance on different search engines.


Multiple Device Compatibility

Our software is compatible on mobile, web and tablet thus your players can conveniently access the online lottery platform from any of the devices as per their ease.


Fairness & Transparency

We have various components such as RNG module, blockchain integration, etc for ensuring the fairness and transparency in the gaming operations and payment transactions.


Multi-lingual Support

Our custom online lottery software comes with multi-lingual support and thus you can easily target audiences belonging to various geographical locations.


Target Audience-Specific

We are well aware about the industry trends in different geographical locations. You can inform us about the audience you are targeting and we will customize our feature list as per the expectations of
your target audience.


Exclusive Lottery Solutions for User Engagement

We cover a variety of exclusive lottery solutions including blockchain based online lottery software, bitcoin online lottery platform, crypto online lottery software and much more which contribute to engagement of your users and enhance the reliability of your platform.

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Features Supported on our Custom Online Lottery Platform

Popular lottery games are supported in
our custom online lottery software enabling
an enticing lottery gameplay for
your players.
-Various Well-Known Lottery Formats
-EuroJackpot, Powerball, etc.
-On-demand Customisations
-Different Lottery Pools
Online Lottery Management Capabilities
Our custom online lottery software comes with unparalleled capabilities which distinguishes us from the rest of the industry competitors.
-Real-Time Creation and Management of Lottery Games
-Ticket Management System
-Retail Management System (RMS)
-Proven RNG System for Fair Gameplay
Device Compatibility
Our platform is compatible on various devices
including desktop, laptop, mobile,
tablet etc.
-Responsive and Trending HTML5 Interface for Easy Adaptability to any Device
-Instant Availability of Lottery Games on all Devices
-Supported on Android & iOS Platforms
Player Management
We have a player management module in our custom lottery software for managing various gaming activities of the players.
-Player’s Registration
-Account Management
-KYC & AML business rules
-Risk Analysis & Security Tools
Templates & Skins
To keep your platform engaging and give it the look and feel of your brand, we customise the user interface as per your need.
-Custom design
-Custom languages
-Custom branded lottery games
-25+ Website Themes
Additional Features
Here are some of the additional features included in our online lottery software :-
-Customized SMS Alerts
-DMS(Draw Management System)
-Jurisdictional and Legal Compliances
-Multi-lingual Support
Marketing Manager
For promotion and enhancement of retention rate on our custom online lottery software, we include all the necessary marketing features in it.
-Affiliate tracking
-P2P Referrals
-Player Segmentation
-In-game Marketing
-Marketing campaign tracking
Help Desk Module
To resolve the queries of your users and to provide them required help, a help desk module is present in our platform.
-Intelligent Tracking and Routing
-Comprehensive Case Management
-Multiple Users Help Desk
-Automated Mails as per Activity
Reporting Tools
Different reporting tools are included in our custom online lottery software for monitoring and managing various activities on our platform.
-Game Activity
-Player Activity
-Marketing Activity
-Custom Reports
System Management
For efficient management of the
operations on our custom online
lottery software,
different modules are present:-
-Admin Dashboard
-Web Based Management
-Safe Role Based Access
Promotional Features
Various promotional features are covered
in our online lottery software for keeping
the players engaged:-
-Jackpots & Progressives
-Referral Bonuses
-Achievement Badges
-Lottery Pools or Contests
Payment Processing
We integrate a myriad of safe and secure payment options in our custom online lottery software
-Multiple Payment Gateways
-Major Cryptocurrencies Support
-Easy Withdraw and Deposit Management
-Multi-currency System
Responsible Gaming
We ensure that the players on our custom online lottery software are having a safe and secure gaming experience.
– Direct new players for acknowledging responsible gaming policy
– In-game alerts for reminding players for responsible play
– Enable players for setting own limits via self-managed control panel
– Age verification layer for preventing under-age gaming
– to read and acknowledge a Responsible Gaming (or Gambling) Policy, in-game
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Global Lottery Formats Supported

Thunderball Lotto
Mega Milliom
Set for Life
Super Enalotto
France Loto
Lotto America
Cash For Life
Euro Millions
Euro Jackpot
649 Lotto
New York Lotto
Fantasy 5
Mega Bucks
Power Ball
UK Lotto
Daily Lotto
Bono Lotto
Lotto Ireland
Australia Lotto
OZ Lotto
Lotto 6-49
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Bespoke Lottery Games

Lotto Games
Pick 4
Pick 2
Pick !
Pick 5
Pick 3
Match 6
Mystery Box
Innovation-pana 1

Additional Highlights of our Online Custom Lottery Software

Online Lottery Software Solutions & Services Covered

Well-Known Custom Online Lottery Software Provider

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Bespoke Online Lottery Software Development

GammaStack provides custom online lottery software development services that can help you get a lottery platform developed exactly as per your need. You need not compromise with the in-built features, predefined user interface or lottery game types. We will customise everything as per your demand. Whether you need custom features, brand-oriented user interface or custom lottery game types, we are there to hold your back in every possible manner. We have a team of industry experts with hands-on expertise in cutting edge technologies and industry trends thus we are capable of offering you an ultra modern online lottery software integrated with functionalities of your choice. Our team strives hard to adhere to quality standards and to meet each and every need of our clients in an efficient manner.


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GammaStack Awards & Certifications


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Our Custom Online Lottery Software Development Cycle

Requirement Gathering
Project Planning
Project Documentation
Task Allocation
Task Allocation
Marketing Help
Final Launching
Final Launching
13+ Years of Experience
Technically Strong Team of Professionals
Secure and Robust Platform
Cryptocurrency Support

GammaStack is a well known custom online lottery software development company that provides bespoke lottery game software that is developed exactly around your brand needs. Our team of experts have unbeatable expertise and experience in the online lottery industry and are thus capable of delivering you the feature rich online lottery platform that is rich in quality. We aim at contributing in maximising your business profit through our top of the line online lottery solutions integrated with state of the art features and exciting lottery game types.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you do complete customisations in your online lottery software?

Yes, we can do complete customisations in our online lottery software.

2. Do you offer white label lottery software?

Yes, we can offer white label lottery software.

3. Which custom lottery games do you cover?

Custom lottery games we can cover are lotto games, pick 1, pick 2, pick 3, etc.

4. Can you integrate custom jackpots and bonus systems in online lottery software?

Yes, we can integrate custom jackpots and bonus systems in our online lottery software.

5. Are crypto wallets integrated in your online lottery software?

Yes, crypto wallets are integrated in our online lottery software.

6. Is your custom lottery solution supported with a RNG system?

Yes, our custom lottery solution is supported with a RNG system.

7. Do you build bespoke UI/UX for your online lottery solutions?

Yes, we build bespoke UI/UX for our online lottery solutions.

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