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Crazy Tooth Studios
Crazy Tooth Studios

About Crazy Tooth Studios

Crazy Tooth Studios is a top notch online casino game provider mainly slots filled with unique and exciting features and bonuses. The headquarters of Crazy Tooth Studio is in Reno, Nevada (USA) and is licensed under microgaming and are very popular for their high quality slots. Their Motto is ‘ Quality Always Wins’ and has worked in all aspects in order to provide their clients with high quality online casino products. Crazy Tooth Studios started their services in 2011 by Ben Hoffman who used to work for International Game Technology and this unusual name “Crazy Tooth Studio” was also given by Ben Hoffman because of a snaggle- tooth dog that he had.

Top Games Of Crazy Tooth Studios

Crazy Tooth Studio might not have a huge gaming portfolio that will give you a number of games to choose from. However the quality of games, their playing features, and innovative designs surely attracts a lot of customers towards their platform. Their video slots are really adored by the player one of the main reasons could be that the games developed by them are fast and smooth.Some of the popular games of Crazy Tooth Studios are:
Arctic Valor

Arctic Valor:

It is the first which was developed by Crazy Tooth Studios for Microgaming. An amazing slot filled with bonus rounds, bonus spins and exciting awards.

Ancient Warriors:

Ancient Warriors is an exciting and thrilling slot game where you can get a chance to win the treasures safely secured by the asian warriors Enjoy the various multipliers and features that will help you to win big.
Ancient Warriors
Lady Earth

Lady Earth:

Experience the majestic power of Lady Earth. Match more symbols to keep the madness going. Unlock the Lady Earth bonus and take a trip across the planet to experience a truly dynamic pick bonus – featuring auto select. An Astonishing game filled with graphics and enthusiasm.
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Integrating Crazy Tooth Studios Games Through GammaStack

GammaStack will help you in integrating the top-notch games developed by Crazy Tooth Studios. Crazy Tooth Slots will be the best choice for you, if you are looking for the quality casino slots. All of their online casino software solutions are developed keeping in mind that they are compatible with mobile devices and other platforms so that your players can experience non-stop gambling. Your players will surely have a great gaming experience while playing the games developed by Crazy Tooth Studios. Our team of skilled and experienced developers will ensure to maintain a high-quality standard while integrating the mobile casino solutions into your software.


Huge Benefit of Crazy Tooth Studios Casino Software

Excellent Graphics

Years of experience

Focus on the Quality

Specialist in Maths, developing and designing

Crazy Tooth Studios Gaming Software

Crazy Tooth Studios Gaming software is made in such a way, that the users and players can experience the slots on their mobile phones and any mobile platform that is convenient for them. The casino slots are made using the HTML5 development tool. The graphics are also very well designed and animations that match with the theme of the games provide an exciting playing experience. Their video slots are filled with exciting themes. Crazy Tooth Studios generally focuses on developing exclusive video slots for their players in all over the world .There library is filled with less in number video slots but they are increasing as they are working on innovative and unique ideas to provide their customer with an experience never felt before.

Amazing Features of Crazy Tooth Studios

Unique and Fast Content

CTS Arsenal (Game development framework)

HTML 5 & Unity Technology

Innovative and Fast Integration

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Crazy Tooth Studios API Integration

With the help of GammaStack API, you can integrate the top-quality online casino software solutions into your casino gaming software. The API will enable you to incorporate all the necessary features, functionalities, and casino games that you think will enhance your casino offerings. The team at GammaStack can also help you in customizing the API that will create exclusive user experiences. We guarantee a smooth and seamless integration of the games created by Crazy Tooth Studios into your software. Our team of experienced developers and designers will help you in the integration process and would make sure that the process goes very smoothly.

Crazy Tooth Studios FAQs

1. What does Crazy Tooth Studios do?

Crazy Tooth Studios has been around in the iGaming industry since 2011 that develops online slot games.

2. Is Crazy Tooth Studios licensed and regulated?

Crazy Tooth Studios is licensed under microgaming. Crazy Tooth Studios partnered in 2019 with Microgaming.

3. Where are some of the popular games that Crazy Tooth Studios has created?

Some of the popular games developed by Crazy Tooth Studios are:777 Deluxe, Arctic Valor, Ancient Warrior and Lady Earth.

3. Why integrate Crazy Tooth Studios Games through GammaStack?

Through GammaStack’s API, you can integrate the top-quality online casino software solutions into your casino gaming software. The API will enable you to incorporate all the necessary features, functionalities, and casino games that you think will enhance your casino offerings.