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Caleta Gaming

About Caleta Gaming

Caleta Gaming is an online casino game development company who assemble their own games with the help of their proficient team of designers, mathematicians, art and sound inventors. In 2013, the company started designing high-quality games for online casino lovers and in such a short period of time, they achieved recognition in multiple parts of Europe and Southern America. Caleta operated from 2 different locations Gilraltor and Florianopolis allowing them to understand and suffice the requirements of gamblers from different parts of the world. They provide a comprehensive solution to their clients and ensures that their players receive a fantastic gambling experience while playing their game.

Top Games of Caleta Gaming

Caleta has built an appealing and pleasing gaming portfolio that is jammed with a variety of online casino games which consist of slots, bingos, keno, and lottery. Apart from working flawlessly, their games are crafted skilfully and are loaded with charming graphics and animations that can provide a remarkable gambling experience to the players. Their impeccable design enhances the online betting experience of the players. Caleta uses its in-house cutting-edge technologies and develops unmatchable casino games for online casino lovers. Some of the most popular games developed by the efficient team of Caleta gaming are:
Astro Wilds

Astro Wilds

Ready to explore a whole new world, where all you can see is an endless sea of stars and planets. With numerous multipliers and free spins, you can get a chance to win rewards from another world.

Banana Keno

Looking for a pet? How about a monkey who is funny, cute, and craves bananas. He is willing to assist you to get to the treasure through multipliers and in return, all you need to do is to feed him a couple of bananas.
Banana Keno
Cruise of Fortune

Cruise of Fortune

Welcome aboard on the cruise of fortune who has sailed from the land depression and will only take you to the land of prosperity and happiness, so sit back and enjoy the ride.
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Integrating Caleta Gaming Through GammaStack

GammaStack will be the perfect helping hand if you want to integrate top-notch online casino games developed by Caleta Gaming. Caleta Gaming is the perfect choice for you if you want to provide your players with a variety of engaging and bewitching games. All of their online casino games solutions are thrived by keeping in mind that they are compatible with mobile devices and other platforms in order to provide a non-stop gambling experience to your players. Your players will assuredly have a great gaming experience while playing the games designed by Celata Gaming. Our team of accomplished and active developers will ensure to maintain a high-quality standard while integrating the casino solutions into your software.

Huge Benefit of Caleta Gaming

In-house gaming technologies

High-quality graphics and animations

High-RTP rate

Innovative and solid technology framework

Caleta Gaming Casino Software

Caleta Gaming software is designed in such a way, that the participants and players can experience the numerous online casino games on their mobile phones or on any other platform which is convenient for them. Their games are formulated using excellent skills which involve unique techniques and brilliant imagination. The graphics are also very well designed. The themes of the games developed by Caleta Gaming are very creative and are really adored by its players. The gaming library of Caleta Gaming is growing rapidly and their games are rich in multipliers and bonus features. With the help of Caleta Gaming, you can reduce your time spent on Licensing and can surely rely on it for providing an amazing gaming experience to your players.

Striking Features of Caleta Gaming Software

HTML 5 solutions

Technical and customer support

Talented and experienced

Progressive Jackpots and Bonuses

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Caleta Gaming API Integration

With the support of GammaStack’s API, you can get the chance to integrate high-quality online casino software solutions into your casino gaming software. The crew of GammaStack can also accommodate you in customizing the API that will generate exclusive user experiences. We mortgage a smooth and seamless integration of the games created by Caleta Gaming into your software. Caleta Gaming provides endless support to their clients the of which you can surely rely on them. Moreover, Our team of experienced developers and designers will help you in the integration process and will make sure that the process goes very smoothly and placidly.


Caleta Gaming FAQ’s

1. What does Caleta Gaming do?

Caleta Gaming is an online casino game providing company that designs and develops wonderful online casino games.

2. Which are the most interesting games developed by Caleta Gaming?

Some of the popular games of Caleta Gaming are: Astro Wilds, Botto Bingo, Banana Keno, and Cruise of Fortune.

3. Why integrate Caleta Gaming games through GammaStack?

Through GammaStack’s API, you can integrate top-quality online casino software solutions into your casino gaming software. The API will enable you to incorporate all the necessary features, functionalities, and casino games that you think will enhance your casino offerings.