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Get the top-notch bookie software in Germany and make your iGaming business touch great heights of success.

  • Quick Time to Market
  • No Revenue Sharing
  • 8+ years of iGaming Experience
  • 100+ Betting Markets
  • 50+ Sports Covered

End-to-End Bookie Software for Bookmakers in Germany

Whether you are planning for redefining your existing bookie software or seeking to launch  a new feature-enriched bookie software in Germany, we have got you covered! Our high impact bookie software with useful functionalities is built by employing industry-specific programming. Mastering the skills of designing and developing an interactive and streamlined bookie software, we are capable of exceeding our valuable client’s expectations.

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Integrations in Bookie Software

Multiple Payment Gateways

We can integrate multiple payment gateways in the bookie software so that your users can use them as per their jurisdiction and country of operation.

Major Cryptocurrencies Supported

Different major cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ripple, ether, etc are supported in our bookie software.

Multi-lingual Support

Our bookie software comes with multi-lingual support thus your users need not face any inconvenience due to language barriers(German, French, Spanish, Hubro etc.)

Multiple Bets

Users coming on your bookie platform can place multiple bets without facing any kind of hassle.

Customized Front-End Theme

We can customize the front end theme of the bookie software as per the requirement of your brand.

Different Betting Types

Whether the user on your platform is looking for traditional against the house betting type or neo modern betting types, the bookie software developed by us covers all.

AI Integration

Our developers are well-versed with AI technology and are thus capable of integrating an AI system in the bookie software.

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Major Highlights

You can unleash a plethora of vital features in our bookmaker software. Have a glance at some of the major highlights of the software:-

Bookie Software Risk Management Tools

Risk Management Tools

Bookie Software Agent System

Agent System

Bookie Software Affiliate System

Affiliate System

Bookie Software Betslip Printing

Betslip Printing

Bookie Software Quick Time To Market

Quick Time to Market

Bookie Software Manual And Integrated Data Feeds

Manual and Integrated Data Feeds

Bookie Software Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Bookie Software Multiple Betting Markets

Multiple Betting Markets

Bookie Software Major Cryptocurrencies Supported

Major Cryptocurrencies Supported

Bookie Software Calendar And Schedule

Calendar and Schedule

Bookie Software On Demand Customization

On Demand Customization

Bookie Software User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

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Insights of Bookie Software Development


The pre-development stage of bookie software involves the steps of

  • Requirement gathering
  • Concept documentation
  • Project execution plan

Our team will gather the specific requirement of client, then move towards conceptualizing the execution plan of the development process.


After making a deep understanding about the client’s requirements, our team of developers move towards the designing and development process. The creative designers create an impeccable and brand-specific UI of the software. Then, the developers who are well-versed with the cutting-edge technologies, transform the planned idea into a feature-rich bookie software.


This stage basically involves testing of the bookie software to check whether all the functionalities are working properly or not. The post-development processes comprises of QA and testing, customer support services, etc.

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  • Helps in easing up the task of user management
  • Makes user available with the real-time data feeds.
  • Provides the relevant support to end users
  • Includes a bookmaker account
  • Management platform for monitoring the games
  • Efficient management of the dashboard
  • Includes the proven risk management tools
  • Monitoring finance and marketing campaigns.
  • Includes a user profile or account
  • Live feeds, scores and the betting Tips
  • Provides the ease of navigation
  • Virtual currency payments, in-store purchases, etc

-Management platform for monitoring the games
-Efficient management of the dashboard
-Includes the proven risk management tools
-Monitoring finance and marketing campaigns.

-Helps in easing up the task of user management
-Makes user available with the real-time data feeds
-Provides the relevant support to end users
-Includes a bookmaker account

-Includes a user profile or account
-Live feeds, scores and the betting Tips
-Provides the ease of navigation -Virtual currency payments, in-store purchases, etc.

-Management platform for monitoring the games
-Efficient management of the dashboard
-Includes the proven risk management tools
-Monitoring finance and marketing campaigns.

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GammaStack is a recognized name in iGaming software development industry. We are one of the most trusted bookie software provider, backed by a team of  expert and proficient developers.

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