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About BetGames.TV

BetGames.TV is a young company with innovative and unique solutions. BetGames.TV was founded in the year 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania, and has been on the growth graph ever since. BetGames.TV is a live dealer betting games provider and has established itself in iGaming markets of Europe, Asia, CIS, and Latin America. The company is known for providing fixed odds betting products along with popular lotteries and table games to some of the popularly known operators. The company was recognized as the fastest growing technology company and secured a 13th place in the whole of Central Europe. They were also granted with the most prestigious SBC award recently in 2019 in the category of “Rising Star in Casino Innovation.” They are certified across various regulated markets such as South Africa, Estonia, Bulgaria, Malta, Lithuania, UK, etc.

Top BetGames.TV Games

BetGames has a unique portfolio of games. Currently, the company has developed 10 Live games, some of which belong to the category of Lottery, some to the category of games based on dice, and others that are played through the wheel of fortune. These games are broadcasted live 24/7 and 365 days of the year. The quality of audio and video is commendable. Players would want to play these games continuously, due to the level of graphics, features and functionalities the software provides. The Game Lobby is designed very simply. Except for the games and details about the time remaining before the next rounds, no extra and confusing information is displayed. Some popular live casino games developed by BetGames.TV include:-
Lucky 5

Lucky 5

Lucky 5 or also known as “5 out of 36“ is a lottery game. As the name suggests, 5 winning balls are randomly drawn out of the 36 balls. Players can place their bets on the outcomes offered to them. The profits granted to them are very high.

Bet on Poker

Bet-on Poker is a live betting game with the rules and process similar to that of Texas Hold’em Poker. In this game, players have to play opposite to each other and not the dealer.

Bet on Poker
Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a very exciting game due to its simplicity and fast-paced gaming process. A wheel is divided into 19 sectors marked from numbers 0 to 18. The presenter first rotated the wheel anti-clockwise and then clockwise with a gentle hand stroke. Players can bet on individual numbers, color, and odd/even.

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Some More Popular Games of BetGames.TV

Rock Paper Scissors

6+ Poker

Dice Duel

Bet on Poker

War of Bets


Integrating BetGames.TV Games through GammaStack

BetGames is the industry’s young and innovative gaming provider and GammaStack provides clients with the most gripping and unique games developed by BetGames.TV itself. By integrating these games into your software, you can easily accelerate your business growth as more users would be interested to play games that have the most different yet interesting games. The games can be integrated into your software by GammaStack’s package of efficient solutions. We will also help you in solving problems and issues, in case you face them.

Advantages that BetGames.TV Offers

Games for Every Taste

Cloud-based Solution for Online and Retail

Customized Front-end for every Client

Engaging Presenters

Quick Integration


Outstanding Features of BetGames.TV Casino Software

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BetGames.TV Jackpots

The aim of BetGames.Tv is to create games that are easy and create fun. However there are no significant jackpots that are offered by BetGames.TV. Once players make their deposits, they can place their respective bets. And when they are finished with playing they can withdraw their winnings and sign out.

BetGames.TV API Integration

Allow your business to excel in the iGaming market with GammaStack’s API integration. We have a team of developers and designers who can help you integrate the API into your software. The games developed by BetGames.TV have a unique and innovative offering that will urge your players to use the software for a long time. We are also there to assist you in overcoming your technical challenges and grow your market reach and increase your success.
Evolution Academy helps the live dealers to get trained properly with all the equipment that are used during real-time gaming.

BetGames.TV Software

BetGames.Tv offers casino games for every player’s interest. These games are broadcasted live every day, 24/7. The gaming platform supports multiple languages that take care of the user’s convenience. BetGames.Tv also allows using multiple currencies for providing players a comfortable playing experience. The software has a very user-friendly navigation. Newly-joined players can also learn the gaming rules and process easily. If players regularly update their systems, then they can take full advantage of the offerings by BetGames.Tv. Evolution Academy helps the live dealers to get trained properly with all the equipment that are used during real-time gaming.

BetGames.TV FAQs

These FAQs will help you decide better which online casino provider to choose for your business growth.
1. What is BetGames.TV?

BetGames.TV is a young company with innovative and unique solutions. BetGames.TV is a live dealer betting games provider that was founded in the year 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

2. Is BetGames.TV licensed and certified?

BetGames.TV is working under licenses and certifications. It has been licensed by the Curacao Gambling Commission, NMI Metrology and Gaming Limited, and the Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology (SIQ). BetGames.TV is a reliable company in the market.

3. What games does BetGames.TV offer?

BetGames.TV offers players with a total of 10 games that are live-streamed 24/7 and 365 days. The games at live casino games that offer players a great playing experience. BetGames.TV games include Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7, Dice Duel, Wheel of Fortune, Speedy 7, 6+ Poker, War of Bets, Bet on Poker, and Bet on Baccarat.

4. In which countries do BetGames.TV operate?

BetGames.TV is a live dealer casino games provider and has established itself in iGaming markets of Europe, Asia, CIS, and Latin America.

5. Why integrate games from BetGames.TV through GammaStack?

GammaStack’s unified API will enable businesses to integrate various games and features developed by BetGames.TV easily. The integration will allow you to incorporate the live dealer casino games into your software. GammaStack provides the most efficient client support services in case they face any issues.


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