Take Your Sports league to the next level with Fantasy Sports

Take Your Sports league to the next level with Fantasy Sports

The major challenge faced by most of the sports leagues and clubs is to increase their sports awareness and fan following for their team, league, and players. We are not talking about the most popular leagues in the world here. We are either talking about the leagues with a new sport in a new geography or a tier 2 and tier 3 league of popular sports. In both cases, these leagues are trying hard to make a presence.

Think of promoting a new soccer league in the USA or promoting baseball in the European region or for that matter launching a poker league in India. In all the cases, the major challenge for a league committee/owner is to generate a new fan following and popularize the league in respective geographies.

One of the most effective tools to achieve these objectives is Fantasy Sports. Yes, fantasy sports, but with a twisted form to educate, engage and involve sports fans in your league. Some leagues that have effectively used fantasy sports to their success are English premier league (EPL), National Football League (NFL), Arabian Gulf League (AGL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Soccer (MLS), Indian Premier League (IPL), EuroLeague Basketball and NASCAR.

Let’s see how we can create fan engagement platform using fantasy sports to promote a sports league


The overall fan engagement platform will promote the latest news and events using media like images, videos, news, and live scorecards. Almost all the leagues are doing this but with a fantasy prescriptive added to showing this media for e.g. showing a video with this headline “40 fantasy sports earned by a player in his yesterday performance”


Fantasy sports gameplay is all about engaging and bringing users back to you. Participation in a fantasy league ensures that the users are coming back to you at least 3 times during a fantasy contest:

  1. Selecting the fantasy contest, they want to play in and submit their fantasy line-up
  2. To see their fantasy scores during live match and trade or substitute player midway to fine-tune their line-up
  3. To see their final scores and fantasy team’s performance when the live match is completed


Fantasy sports participation brings involvement as it is. If I am in a fantasy contest playing against my friends, family or colleagues, I must follow the league to understand and research on the players that will go in my lineup next week. You cannot do it just by researching. The sense of competition brings the need for involvement.To know more about fantasy sports website development, get in touch with us. Our experts will connect with you soon.

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