Sneak-Peek into the World of Fantasy Football


The world of iGaming has seen a revolutionary upsurge in terms of popularity since the past few decades. The expeditious technological innovations are actually changing the way and trends of iGaming. This industry has witnessed a lot many changes in the past few years. 

When we talk about iGaming, fantasy sports seems to be a trending thing among gaming freaks.

Fantasy sports is actually taking the world by storm! This industry has spun the adrenaline rush of the gamers. The crowd of fantasy gamers includes youngsters as well as adults. Have a glance at some statistics about people involved in fantasy gaming:-

  • 81% male, 19% female
  • 50% are between the ages of 18 -34 (average age is 37.7)
  • 67% are employed full-time
  • 47% make more than $75,000 (national average is 34%)

Fantasy sports apps have already created a lot of buzz in teenagers. Be it the fancy rewards it offers or the referral money, teens are excited to judge their knowledge in exchange for exciting offers. Fantasy sports has become very popular today and people are really enjoying this simple concept of earning money quickly and easily. 

The concept of fantasy sports is to form a virtual team of real or professional players to compete in a game. The competition is held on the basis of the player’s or team’s actual performance in the game. These performances are then converted into points & calculated depending on the roster set by the teams’ managers. 

There are multiple sports in the Fantasy World. And it goes without saying, Fantasy Football is the most popular and trending sport among teenagers. Other sports include cricket, tennis, baseball, basketball and many others. 

Understanding Fantasy Football

Out of a total of 59.3 million fantasy players, 80% of them play fantasy football. Fantasy football is similar to other fantasy sports. Competitors select players and form a virtual team and the points are calculated based on the actual performance of the team in the real world. In fantasy football too, competitors select the rosters by participating in the draft with relevant players.  

Fantasy football is widely played in the European market. While in America, football is more common with names like American football or gridiron. And the draft is prepared in which all the relevant NFL players are listed. 

German fantasy sports players are most enthusiastic about the Bundesliga; a professional association football league in Germany. Germans wait for this league to play fantasy sports. It is probably the most unpredictable league competition in Europe, and thus, very entertaining and enticing.

In Italy, people are fond of Serie A which is a professional league competition for football clubs that are marked at the top of the Italian football league system. Serie A is ranked fourth among European leagues according to UEFA’s league coefficient. The league hosts three of the world’s most famous clubs including Milan, Juventus and Internazionale.

Similarly in France, there is a governing body called France Football Federation who is responsible for the most popular sport in France called Association Football. People play fantasy on Association Football.  

Fantasy Football Stats(Europe fantasy stats)

  1. According to FSGA, Fantasy Sports & Gaming Association, 50% of the total fantasy sports players, the age of the players is between 18-34, the average age is 37.7.
  2. 4.57 billion people are active internet users on Mobile.
  3.  In 2018, global mobile app revenues generated over 365 billion U.S. dollars. This number will grow more than 935 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via paid downloads and in-app purchases and advertising.
  4. According to sensor tower, total global mobile game gross revenue grew to $16.3 billion in Q3 2019.

Popular Football Leagues  

Here are the most popular football leagues on which fantasy is played: 

Scope of Fantasy Football

According to Statista, in 2019, The Worldwide Fantasy Sports market size was USD 18040 million and it is expected to reach USD 43370 million by the end of 2026, with a CAGR of 13.2% during 2021-2026. 

Of all the total fantasy sports player, here are the stats showing in percentage the sports on which fantasy is played worldwide.

  • 78% of fantasy participants play fantasy football.
  • 39% play fantasy baseball
  • 19% play fantasy basketball (NBA)
  • 18% play fantasy hockey (NHL)
  • 14% play fantasy soccer
  • 13% play fantasy golf
  • 11% play fantasy esports
  • 5% participate in fantasy Bachelor

This clearly shows that there is a vast scope in fantasy football and Europe covers a major market in football. And since, there is a huge majority of fantasy players among football, fantasy football is going to reach heights in the coming years. 

Planning a Fantasy football Platform

Well, if you are somebody who is planning to launch a fantasy football platform, you surely landed in the right place. We at GammaStack, have helped a lot of business with their fantasy football website and app development.  

Here are some factors that demand to be considered while choosing a trusted fantasy football software:-

  • Requisite Integrations
    You should count on the fantasy football solutions that come integrated with all the features that contribute to perfect gameplay.
  • Safe Payment Gateways
    The software must possess multiple and safest payment gateways so that users do not face any level of inconvenience.
  • Coverage of Popular Football Leagues
    Almost all the popular Football leagues including NFL Season, NCAA Championship, etc. should be perfectly covered in the software.
  • Responsiveness
    The software must be mobile as well as tablet responsive so that users can flexibly access it.
  • Gorgeous UI
    UI holds utmost importance for an enjoyable game as it keeps the user adhered to the platform. Thus, software that you choose must come with user-friendly UI.

Aforementioned are just some but there exist a plethora of indispensable aspects that should be kept in mind while choosing a Fantasy Football software and mobile applications.

Steps for creating a Fantasy Football Website:

  1. Research
  2. Fantasy Game Selection
  3. Geography Selection
  4. Choose a development Company or Solution Vendor
  5. Marketing
  6. Launch

Above mentioned steps indicate how you can plan your fantasy football software. We can help you with the development of your dream software. Or if you need a turnkey solution that has all the features you need, we have got you all covered with our development services and fantasy football solutions.

Take a deep dive into the fantasy football website and application:

Fantasy Football Website:-

For perfectly capturing the Football madness and have enjoyable gameplay, you must opt for a powerful and feature-wrapped Fantasy Football software and a custom-built website. To get a responsive and engaging software with an appealing UI, you must hire a skilled team of developers who are well-versed with the cutting edge technologies and can efficiently integrate the requisite features in the website.  

Fantasy Football Mobile Application:-

The world of fantasy football can be amazing through a robust mobile application, supported by an exceptionally strong backend. Opting for a technically-sound team of developers and designers can help you get a hassle-free fantasy app development solution for Android as well as iOS. For planning a fantasy football mobile game application, it is crucial that you cover all the major features of fantasy sports. 

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In today’s fast-moving world, it is important for businesses to keep an eye on what’s in the trend in the consumers and to update them with the latest trend. Updating the fantasy sports website and application with the latest features enable businesses to capture attention and gain more users. 

Fantasy football, being the most popular among other fantasy sports, it’s applications and website has to be keenly observed and upgrade with the latest trend. 

About GammaStack

GammaStack is well known for its high-end iGaming solutions. Our fantasy sports software solutions are a perfect fit for the business. Our 8+ years of experience helped aspiring business owners to achieve their business goals. We cover a plethora of sports including football, baseball, basketball, American football, tennis and many other sports.

We have also helped businesses for sports betting, esports and casino solutions to cater to their business needs. If you are looking for a white label and custom iGaming services, we ensure to provide you with the world’s best class software solutions as per your business requirements. 

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