We offer robust and reliable modernization of legacy systems to reduce maintenance costs by using highly effective tools and domain expertise. GammaStack holds hands-on experience in re-architecting legacy software and applications to help businesses to streamline their workflows and achieve greater business flexibility.

advantages of legacy application migration/modernization

  • Mitigate Business Risks
  • Amplify Systems performance
  • Minimize system dependencies
  • Increase data portability
  • Decrease Ownership Costs
  • Improve Maintenance Productivity
  • Refine Operational Efficiencies
  • Improved technical support

how gammastack helps ?

Our application re-engineering and modernization services are focused on accelerating product development to achieve unprecedented production efficiency and cost saving. Here are some of the incremental steps that we take to modernize your existing legacy systems.

improve user experience

Solutions that are focused on smoothening online end-user experience thus improving customer satisfaction.

Modernize Existing Applications

Giving the software or application the much-needed transformation as per the modern workflows.

Create New Capabilities

Technical analyses and re-engineering of existing applications as per the market conditions and business requirements.

gammastack software modernization services

conversions and migrations

reverse engineering of applications

database migration

architecture change

oS migration

functionality enhancement

rewriting applications and integrations


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